S 9. Faulting and folding across the scales. How, where, and why the lithosphere deforms

Conveners and Chairpersons Fabrizio Balsamo (Univ. Parma), Stefano Tavani (Univ. Napoli-Federico II), Stefano Zanchetta (Univ. Milano Bicocca), Massimo Mattei (Univ. Roma Tre)


Mercoledi 12 Settembre 2018 [14.30-16.30]

Aula A13

9-1    14.30 - 15.00
[KEYNOTE] Vannucchi P.*, Spagnuolo E., Di Toro G., Aretusini S., Nielsen S., Morgan J. & de Montserrat A. : Controlling factors for the mode of slip in the shallowest portions of megathrusts

9-2    15.00 - 15.15
Aldega L.*, Viola G., Casas-Sainz A., Marcén M., Román-Berdiel T. & van der Leilj R. : Deciphering the timing of deformation of polyphase crustal-scale faults in northern Iberia, Spain: Insights from K-Ar dating of clay gouges

9-3    15.15 - 15.30
Lanari R.*, Fellin M.G., Faccenna C., Balestrieri M.L., Pazzaglia F., Nasrrddine Y. & Maden C. : Control of the inherited structures on the Miocene orogenic evolution of the High Atlas (Morocco)

9-4    15.30 - 15.45
Zanchi A.*, Zanchetta S., Mascandola C. & Montemagni C. : Plastic to brittle deformations along the Meran-Mauls segment of the Periadriatic Fault, Italy

9-5    15.45 - 16.00
Mercuri M.*, Carminati E., Mazzanti P., Tartarello M.C., Baleani M. & Collettini C. : Real and virtual outcrops to characterize the internal structure of a carbonate-hosted fault zone: the Tre Monti fault case study in Central Italy

9-6    16.00 - 16.15
Siravo G.*, Faccenna C., Becker T.W., Fellin M.G., Gérault M., Herman F. & Molin P. : The role of inherited structures and slab flattening to the topographic growth of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia

9-7    16.15 - 16.30
Maggini M.* & Caputo R. : A rheological transect across the Hellenides

Mercoledi 12 Settembre 2018 [17.00-19.00]

Aula A13

9-8    17.00 - 17.30
[KEYNOTE] Corbi F.* : Lab-scale subduction megathrust earthquakes: applications and future directions

9-9    17.30 - 17.45
Mittempergher S.*, Zanchetta S., Villa I.M., Caldiroli F., Bistacchi A. & Zanchi A. : Radiometric ages of solid state deformation structures in the Northern Aadamello Avio granodiorite (Southern Alps, N Italy)

9-10    17.45 - 18.00
Montanari D.*, Bonini M., Corti G., Agostini A. & Del Ventisette C. : Deformation associated to shallow magma intrusions: hints from analogue models

9-11    18.00 - 18.15
Del Sole L.* & Antonellini M. : Calcite-cement precipitation mediated by cataclastic shear bands in arkosic sand: petrophysical and mechanical considerations

9-12    18.15 - 18.30
Sabbatino M.*, Consorti L., Vitale S., Tavani S., Corradetti A., Cipriani A. & Parente M. : Structural and stratigraphic constraints of the Cretaceous to Miocene deposits bracketing the forebulge unconformity in southern Apennines by means of extensional structures pattern and Sr-isotope stratigraphy

9-13    18.30 - 18.45
Grieco D.S.*, Ferraro F., Agosta F., Ukar E., Cavalcante F., Belviso C. & Prosser G. : Diagenetic evolution of carbonate fault rocks associated to extensional normal faults of central and southern Apennines

9-14    18.45 - 19.00
La Bruna V.*, Lamarche J., Giuffrida A., Salardon R., Marié L. & Agosta F. : Structural diagenesis of platform carbonates: role of possible early embrittlement on fracture development and distribution


Mercoledi 12 Settembre 2018

Area Poster

9-15    Pannello 30

De Guidi G. & Privitera G.* : New data of Catania Anticline activity in the western area of Misterbianco Town (eastern Sicily)

9-16    Pannello 31

Fabbi S.* & Smeraglia L. : Backthrusts occurrence in fold-thrust belt and their effect on extensional fault displacement estimations: field evidence from the Middle Val Roveto, central Apennines, Italy

9-17    Pannello 32

Federico L.*, Maino M., Crispini L. & Capponi G. : Paleo-depth of fault activity: an estimate from paleostress state calculations

9-18    Pannello 33

Malatesta C.*, Crispini L., Läufer A., Lisker F. & Capponi G. : Microstructural records of a polyphase hydrothermal fluid-rock interaction along exhumed faults in northern Victoria Land (Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica)

9-19    Pannello 34

Scarsi M.*, Crispini L., Federico L., Garofalo P.S., Mariani E., Crowley S. & Capponi G. : Ultramafic rocks carbonation during paleo-seismic events: evidence from exhumed faults (Voltri Massif, Italy)