S 10. The role of shear zones in the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the lithosphere: insights from microfabric to mountain belt structures

Conveners and Chairpersons Rodolfo Carosi (Univ. Torino), Eugenio Fazio (Univ. Catania), Salvatore Iaccarino (Univ. Torino), Chiara Montomoli (Univ. Pisa)


Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018 [08.30-10.30]

Aula A8

10-1    08.30 - 09.00
[KEYNOTE] Viola G.*, Scheiber T., Bingen B. & Ganeroed M. : Multiple reactivation and strain localization along a Proterozoic orogen-scale deformation zone: The Kongsberg-Telemark boundary in southern Norway revisited

10-2    09.00 - 09.15
Viti C.*, Collettini C., Tesei T., Tarling M.S. & Smith S.A.F. : Deformation microstructures and processes in serpentinites: from weak to ultraweak behavior

10-3    09.15 - 09.30
Fiannacca P.*, Cirrincione R., Pezzino A. & Russo D. : Shear-related production of fake granitoids: there are trondhjemites and trondhjemites in the southern Calabria-Peloritani Orogen

10-4    09.30 - 09.45
Butler R.W.H.* & Torvela T. : The competition between rates of deformation and solidification in syn-kinematic granitic intrusions: Resolving the pegmatite paradox

10-5    09.45 - 10.00
Olivetti V.*, Balsamo F. & Rossetti F. : Brittle reactivation of mylonitic shear zones: constraining the Cenozoic tectonic evolution at the Transantactic Mountain Front, Victoria Land, Antarctica

10-6    10.00 - 10.15
Ortolano G.*, Fazio E., Visalli R., Alsop I., Pagano M. & Cirrincione R. : Rheology and kinematics of the early-Alpine strike slip tectonics in the southern Calabrian terrane: the case of the Palmi shear zone (southern Italy)

10-7    10.15 - 10.30
Fazio E.*, Punturo R. & Cirrincione R. : Microtomography investigation of ultramylonites from crustal scale shear zones and implications on the rheology of the continental lithosphere

Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018 [11.00-13.00]

Aula A8

10-8    11.00 - 11.15
Prosser G.*, Giuffrida A. & Agosta F. : The ductile deformation in the Messinian terrigenous deposits on top of the Inner Apulian Platform (Monte Alpi, Basilicata)

10-9    11.15 - 11.30
Real C.*, Froitzheim N., Carosi R. & Ferrando S. : Identification of Mesozoic detachments preserved in the South Alpine basement (northern Como lake area, Italy)

10-10    11.30 - 11.45
Simonetti M.*, Carosi R. & Montomoli C. : Evidence of the East Variscan Shear Zone in the Western Alps: case of study from the Argentera and the Aiguilles Rouges External Crystalline Massifs

10-11    11.45 - 12.00
Pellegrino A.G.*, Zhang B., Speranza F., Maniscalco R., Yin C., Hernandez-Moreno C. & Winkler A. : Strike-slip fault shear vs. mega-block drift in Yunnan (China): paleomagnetic and structural investigation

10-12    12.00 - 12.15
Rapa G., Mosca P., Groppo C. & Rolfo F.* : Petrology and structural geology help elucidate the occurrence of tectonometamorphic discontinuities in central Nepal Himalaya

10-13    12.15 - 12.30
Chen J.*, Carosi R., Cao H., Montomoli C., Clark A.K., Iaccarino S., Real C. & Li G.X. : P-T-t-D paths of the Cuonadong detachment, SE Tibet

10-14    12.30 - 12.45
Iaccarino S.*, Montomoli C., Carosi R., Montemagni C., Massonne H.-S., Jain A.K. & Visonà D. : Inverted metamorphic sequence along the Alaknanda-Dhauli Ganga valleys, Garhwal Himalaya (NW India)

10-15    12.45 - 13.00
Montemagni C.*, Carosi R., Iaccarino S., Montomoli C., Jain A.K. & Villa I.M. : Contemporaneity of the STDS and MCT in Garwhal Himalaya (NW India): myth or reality?

10-16    13.00 - 13.05
[SPONSOR AGILENT] Scardina P.* : Applicazioni nel settore geochimico e geocronologico in ICP-MS a triplo quadrupolo


Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018

Area Poster

10-17    Pannello 18

Carosi R.*, Montomoli C., Cottle J., Iaccarino S., Tartaglia G. & Visonà D. : Dating the High Himalayan Discontinuity and the Main Cenral Thrust in the Marshyangdi valley (Central Nepal) by in-situ U-Th-Pb monazite petrochrnology

10-18    Pannello 19

Carosi R., Petroccia A.* & Montomoli C. : 1:25.000 structural map of Lodè and Mamone in the northern of the Sardinian variscan basement

10-19    Pannello 20

Chen J., Carosi R.*, Cao H., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Langone A. & Li G. : Structural setting of the Yalaxiangbo dome, SE Tibet (China)

10-20    Pannello 21

De Bernardi S., Ferrando S.*, Decarlis A., Borghi A. & Manatschal G. : Post-Variscan events recorded near the Pogallo line (Lago d’Orta)

10-21    Pannello 22

Fazio E.*, Ortolano G., Visalli R., Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A. : Alpine shear zone reworking Variscan rocks in the Sila Piccola Massif (Northern Calabria)

10-22    Pannello 23

Montomoli C.*, Iaccarino S., Nania L., Leiss B. & Carosi R. : Deformation and kinematics in the South Tibetan Detachment System (Himalaya): a telescoped regional “contact” metamorphism?

10-23    Pannello 24

Montomoli C.*, Iaccarino S., Simonetti M., Lezzerini M. & Carosi R. : Structural setting, kinematics and metamorphism in a km-scale shear zone in the Inner Nappes of Sardinia (Italy)

10-24    Pannello 25

Nania L., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S.*, Leiss B. & Carosi R. : Non-coaxial deformation of the Main Central Thrust zone: kinematics and temperature regimes in the Annapurna Range, Lower Dolpo Region (Western Nepal)

10-25    Pannello 26

Petroccia A.*, Simonetti M., Carosi R. & Montomoli C. : Kinematic of the flow and finite strain analysis in the Cavalaire Fault (Maures Massif, SE France) and in the Posada-Asinara shear zone (Sardinia basement, Baronie)

10-26    Pannello 27

Purrone S.* & Carosi R. : The Variscan basament exposed in the southern Calabria: a Late Carboniferous network of shear zone?

10-27    Pannello 28

Russo D.*, Fiannacca P. , Fazio E. , Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A. : A mini-atlas of shear-related microstructures in late Variscan granitoid rock from the north-eastern Peloritani Mountains (southern Italy)

10-28    Pannello 29

Tursi F.*, Festa V., Fornelli A., Micheletti F. & Spiess R. : Syn-shearing Mobility of Major Elements in Ductile Shear Zones: State Of The Art for Felsic Deformed Protoliths