S 18. The nature of the crust-mantle transition and its effects on the regional tectonic and magmatic evolution

Conveners and Chairpersons Roberto Braga (Univ. Bologna), Valentina Magni (UiO, Oslo), Claudio Natali (Univ. Ferrara)


Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018 [18.00-20.00]

Aula A4

18-1    18.00 - 18.15
Casetta F.*, Coltorti M., Ickert R.B., Bonadiman C., Giacomoni P.P. & Ntaflos T. : The role of crustal assimilation in the genesis of the Middle Triassic Predazzo Intrusive Complex (Dolomites, Southern Alps)

18-2    18.15 - 18.30
Tiepolo M.*, Casiraghi G., Langone A., Zanetti A., Mazzucchelli M. & Giovanardi T. : Lower crustal magma differentiation in continental setting: an example from the Layered Internal Zone in the Finero Mafic Complex (Ivrea Verbano Zone)

18-3    18.30 - 18.45
Basch V.*, Rampone E., Godard M. & Tommasi A. : Formation of replacive olivine gabbros in the Oman Moho Transition Zone: Geochemical evolution during deformation-driven dunite impregnation

18-4    18.45 - 19.00
Consuma G.*, Braga R., Förster B., Konzett J., Lo Pò D., Tropper P. & Bersani D. : Carbon-rich fluids infiltration into the mantle-wedge: from early carbonate inclusions to late veins in orogenic peridotites from the Ulten Zone

18-5    19.00 - 19.15
Loreto M.F.*, Düşünür-Doğan D., Üner S., İşcan-Alp Y., Ocakoğlu N., Cocchi L., Muccini F., Ligi L. & Giordano P. : Fault-controlled hydrothermal flow over a deep magmatic intrusion inferred by numerical modelling in a back-arc tectonic setting, SE Tyrrhenian Sea

18-6    19.15 - 19.30
Sternai P.*, Caricchi L. & Castelltort S. : The role of magmatism in the tectonic vs. climatic control on the Cenozoic evolution of the Earth’s surface: a key to the “chicken or egg” conundrum?

18-7    19.30 - 19.45
Aulbach S.* : Kimberlite-borne pyroxenite xenoliths: Samples of cratonic crust-mantle transitions?

18-8    19.45 - 20.00
Beccaluva L.*, Natali C., Bianchini G. & Siena F. : The bimodal basalt-rhyolite suites of the Paranà CFB province: a reappraisal of the petrogenesis and tectonomagmatic significance


Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018

Area Poster

18-9    Pannello 47

Antonicelli M. & Tribuzio R.* : Petrology of the Rocca d'Argimonia ultramafic sequence (Ivrea-Verbano Zone): implications for the evolution of mantle melts intruding the lower continental crust

18-10    Pannello 48

Bianchini G.* & Bonadiman C. : Peridotite xenoliths from Cofrentes (Spain): inferences on mantle domains interlayered at crustal depth

18-11    Pannello 49

Fornelli A.* & Micheletti F. : Metagabbros, meta-monzogabbros and metabasites from Serre Massif (Calabria-Italy): evidence of a Neoproterozoic magmatism at crust-mantle transition

18-12    Pannello 50

Giovanardi T.*, Cipriani A., Girardi V.A.V., Correia C.T., Tassinari C.C.G., Lugli F. & Mazzucchelli M. : A multi-isotope study for intrusion processes of mantle-derived melts in the lower crust: the case of the Tonian Goias stratiform complex

18-13    Pannello 51

Lo Pò D., Braga R.*, Tropper P., Konzett J., Mair V., Bargossi G.M. & Consuma G. : Multiphase solid inclusions in the Ulten Zone peridotites: tracer of post-peak multi-stage crustal metasomatism in mantle wedge

18-14    Pannello 52

Natali C.*, Beccaluva L., Bianchini G. & Siena F. : Mantle potential temperature of CFB in central Gondwana: Insights on lithosphere versus asthenosphere contributions