S 29. Environmental pollution related to Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in serpentinites and other geo-matrices

Conveners and Chairpersons Rosalda Punturo (UNICT), Andrea Bloise (UNICAL), Giovanna Rizzo (UNIBAS), Michele PAternoster (UNIBAS) CArmela Vaccaro (UNIFE)


Venerdi 14 Settembre 2018 [15.30-17.30]

Aula A9

29-1    15.30 - 15.45
Giustetto R.*, Macaluso L., Berlier G., Ganjkhanlou Y. & Barale L. : An atypical occurrence of asbestiform sepiolite associated to aliphatic hydrocarbons from Sassello (Ligurian Apennines, Italy): mineral-petrographic characterization and possible hazards

29-2    15.45 - 16.00
Fornasaro S.*, Malatesta C., Crispini L., Comodi P. & Marescotti P. : Concentrations and distribution of potentially toxic elements in ultramafic rocks from Ligurian ophiolites: influence of mineralogical, structural and textural features from different geological contexts

29-3    16.00 - 16.15
Rizzo M.*, Sardella A., Bonazza A. & Vaccaro C. : Degradation of mortars containing aggregate rich in serpentinites: the case of industrial brick masonry

29-4    16.15 - 16.30
Botta S.*, Compagnoni R., Cossio R., Piana F., Barale L., Marcelli I., Tallone S., Boerio V., Cipolli F. & Polattini S. : Serpentinites of the Sestri-Voltaggio, Palmaro-Caffarella and Voltri Units. Surface and drill core data from the “Gronda di Genova” highway by-pass

29-5    16.30 - 16.45
Daskalopoulou K., Calabrese S., Grassa F. & D’Alessandro W.* : Multiple origins of methane in fluids circulating in the Othrys ophiolite, central Greece

29-6    16.45 - 17.00
Punturo R.*, Ricchiuti C., Mengel K., Apollaro C., De Rosa R. & Bloise A. : Geochemical and mineralogical features of serpentinite-derived soils in southern Italy: prospect for hazardous exposure 

29-7    17.00 - 17.15
Vaccaro C., Punturo R.*, Volpe L., Marrocchino E., Rizzo M., Ricchiuti C. & Mannino M. : Tremolite-bearing marbles from Namibia exploited as dimension stone: preliminary mineralogical and petrographic characterization

29-8    17.15 - 17.30
[SPONSOR AMETEK] Camescasse E.* : Latest results obtained in Geology and Petrology using High Resolution Mass Spectrometers and EPMA from Cameca-Nu Instruments


Venerdi 14 Settembre 2018

Area Poster

29-9    Pannello 59

Bloise A.*, Apollaro C., Iannibelli A., Ricchiuti C., Fuoco I. & Punturo R. : Preliminary study of asbestos minerals in the area of Episcopia (Lucania, S-Italy)

29-10    Pannello 60

Bloise L.* & Calabrese E. : Ophiolitic rocks of the Timpa delle Murge-Timpa Pietrasasso in the Pollino GeoPark (southern Italy)

29-11    Pannello 61

Bloise A.* & Miriello D. : In situ multi-analytical approach for Identifying asbestos minerals

29-12    Pannello 62

Bloise A.*, Punturo R., Lanzafame G. & Vaccaro C. : X-ray tomographic microscopy study of serpentine veins in massive serpentinite

29-13    Pannello 63

Boschi C.*, Baneschi I., Natali C., Dini A. & Guidi M. : Natural Cr(VI) contamination of Tuscan serpentinite-hosted spring waters 

29-14    Pannello 64

Dichicco M.C.*, Castiñeiras P., Grassa F., Laurita S., Mongelli G., Paternoster M., Rizzo G. & Sinisi R. : Ophicarbonates from Mt. Pollino Massif (southern Apennines): a possible use for geological sequestration of CO2

29-15    Pannello 65

Dichicco M.C.*, Laurita S., Mongelli G., Rizzo G. & Sinisi R. : Environmental problems related to serpentinites in the Pollino Geopark (Southern Appennine)

29-16    Pannello 66

Fornasaro S.*, Crispini L., Comodi P., Zucchini A., Gigli L. & Marescotti P. : Source and distribution of potentially toxic elements in serpentine soil profiles: a case study from the Voltri Massif (Liguria, Italy)

29-17    Pannello 67

Fuoco I.*, Figoli A., Brozzo G., De Rosa R., Bloise A., Criscuoli A. & Apollaro C. : Geogenic chromium in natural waters interacting with serpentinite rocks: preliminary study on treating by nanofiltration membranes 

29-18    Pannello 68

Militello G.M.*, Gaggero L., Punturo R., Bloise A., Sanguineti E., Yus González A. & Lanzafame G. : Multi-instrumental investigations on asbestos minerals and their non-asbestiform analogues: inferences from host rock textural constraints

29-19    Pannello 69

Olori A., Cannizzaro A., Angelosanto F., Bruno M.R.* & Campopiano A. : Preparation of tremolite samples for in vitro studies

29-20    Pannello 70

Paternoster M.*, Deluca F., Dichicco M.C., Grassa F., Sinisi R., Summa V. & Mongelli G. : Occurrence of hexavalent chromium in groundwater in the northern sector of the Pollino massif, southern Italy

29-21    Pannello 71

Vespasiano G.*, Muto F., De Rosa R., Bloise A., Fuoco I. & Apollaro C. : Geochemical and hydrogeological characterization of the metamorphic-serpentinitic aquifer of the Coreca area (Calabria, South Italy)