S 31. Mining sites: from industrial heritage to cultural heritage

Conveners and Chairpersons Roberta Carta (ISPRA, Roma), Marco Di Leginio (ISPRA, Roma), Fiorenzo Fumanti (ISPRA, Roma), Maria Lettieri (ISPRA, Roma), Agata Patanè (ISPRA, Roma), Manuel Ramello (ANIM – Associazione Nazionale Ingegneri Minerari), Domenico Savoca (AIPAI – Associazione Italiana per il Patrimonio Archeologico ed Industriale)

Sessione sponsorizzata da ISPRA


Mercoledi 12 Settembre 2018 [17.00-19.00]

Aula A4

31-1    17.00 - 17.15
Agus T., Cadoni E., Loru P., Pignatelli C., Rizzo R.* & Sernagiotto S. : The Abandoned Great Montevecchio Mine: From Industrial Heritage to Cultural Heritage

31-2    17.15 - 17.30
Pellitteri G.* : Projects for the " Mine-museum " in the Cozzo-Disi dismissed site

31-3    17.30 - 17.45
Guideri S. & Brocchini D.* : Archeological Mines Park of San Silvestro (Tuscany) – Protection, valorisation and management of a mining landscape, practices and future plans

31-4    17.45 - 18.00
Lombardo G.*, Agnello E. & Agnello P. : The mining area of ​​Comitini (near to Agrigento) and the "Solfara Sale" system: contribution to knowledge for the tourist-cultural recovery of a disused mining site

31-5    18.00 - 18.15
Savoca D., Sbrilli L. & Patanè A.* : Italian National Parks and Mine Museums network. Re.Mi. ISPRA. Legislation draft N. 4566 date 26-06-2017

31-6    18.15 - 18.30
Pratesi G.* & Patanè A. : The mining sites of historical or ethno-anthropological interest: a proposal for their cataloguing

31-7    18.30 - 18.45
Carta R.*, Dacquino C., Di Leginio M., Fumanti F., Lettieri M., Lucarini M., Martarelli L., Patanè A., Pompili R., Serra M. & Vittori E. : The National Solid Georesources database (GEMMA) at the Geological Survey of Italy

31-8    18.45 - 19.00
Serra M.* : Mine waste management and related problems


Mercoledi 12 Settembre 2018

Area Poster

31-9    Pannello 74

Caruso C., Dominici R.*, Furfaro C., Marra A.C. & Sonnino M. : Lignite mines in Agnana Calabra area (ionian Calabria, Southern Italy). Protection and enhancement of the Mine-Geopark by means of new digital technologies

31-10    Pannello 75

Cassarino G.* : Streppenosa mine: from geological singularity to geotourism opportunity

31-11    Pannello 76

Lucchi G., Tosatti G. & Boaretto M.* : An educational path inside a mine to rediscover the history, the tools and the techniques for mining fluorite in the Prestavèl mine (Trento Province, Italy)

31-12    Pannello 77

Odetto G. & Vignono L.* : The new value drivers to enhance abandoned mining sites: empirical evidence from the highest mining site in Italy

31-13    Pannello 78

Rizzo R.*, Sanciu L. & Sernagiotto S. : From mining to cultural and touristic resource of the territory. Examples of the Monte Arci area in the geological mining historical and environmental Sardinia Unesco global geopark

31-14    Pannello 79

Rossi F.G.*, Schirone B. & Madonna S. : An alternative kind of re-vegetation. Feasibility of environmental restoration on a depleted mining site

31-15    Pannello 80

Rossi F.P.*, Madonna S. & Milli S. : From quarrying site to geosite: a review on a possible approach to project an open-air museum as a key to preserve geological data