S 4. The role of Italian scientists and educators in the International Ocean and Continental Drilling Programs: major achievements and new perspective

Conveners and Chairpersons Claudia Lupi (Univ. Pavia), Annalisa Iadanza (CNR-DSSTTA), Marco Sacchi (IAMC-CNR), Fabio Florindo (INGV-Roma), Patrizia Ferretti (Univ. Venezia)


Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018 [18.00-20.00]

Aula A3

4-1    18.00 - 18.15
(Invited) Erba E.* : Italy and Ocean Drilling: a 50-year history of dreams, expectations, successes and training

4-2    18.15 - 18.30
(Invited) Cicconi A.*, Berenguer J.L., Böttcher M., Burgio M., Darrieu M., Pointu A. & Rodrigues Pereira H.J. : Teachers on board! Features of teachers’ involvement in IODP/ECORD research expeditions:  the experience of seven education and outreach officers

4-3    18.30 - 18.45
(Invited) De Santis L.*, McKay R.M., Kulhanek D.K. & the IODP Expedition 374 Scientific Party : Late Cenozoic ocean-ice sheet interactions and West Antarctic Ice Sheet vulnerability: Initial results from International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 374 in the Ross Sea continental margin

4-4    18.45 - 19.00
Raffi I.* : The importance of the scientific ocean drilling for a micropaleontologist: experiences from six ODP/IODP Expeditions

4-5    19.00 - 19.15
Olivetti V.*, Zattin M., Balestrieri M.L., Talarico F., Rossetti F., Andreucci B., Perotti M., Pace D. & Li X. : Contribution of thermochronology to marine sediments study in Antarctica: insights into mountain uplift, basin history and ice-flow patterns

4-6    19.15 - 19.30
Boschi C.*, Früh-Green G.L., Orcutt B.N., Rouméjon S., Schwarzenbach E.M. & the IODP Expedition 357 Science Party : IODP EXPEDITION 357: Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life

4-7    19.30 - 19.45
Gariboldi K.*, Zabel M., Gioncada A. & Morigi C. : Spotting the evidence of the effect of volcanic ashes on primary production: report on on-going studies from sites U1443, U1445, U1447 and U1448

4-8    19.45 - 20.00
Camerlenghi A.*, Lofi J., Bertoni C., Aloisi G. & all the co-proponents of the MEDSALT, DREAM and SALTGIANT initiatives : Uncovering the Mediterranean salt giant


Giovedi 13 Settembre 2018

Area Poster

4-9    Pannello 1

Carlino S.* : "Campi Fegrei Deep Drilling Project": the history of a controversy

4-10    Pannello 2

Cornacchia I.*, Agostini S. & Brandano M. : Miocene oceanographic evolution of the Central Mediterranean: Insights from the Sr and Nd isotope records

4-11    Pannello 3

Gariboldi K.* : IODP  Exp. 353 “Indian Monsoon Rainfall”: what comes after the Cruise...

4-12    Pannello 4

Incarbona A.* : The importance of Ocean Drilling Program expeditions for Mediterranean Sea Palaeoenvironmental and Palaeoceanographic research

4-13    Pannello 5

Luciani V.*, D’Onofrio R., Dickens G.R. & Wade B. : Impact of the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum on planktic foraminifera: the crucial record from oceanic sites 

4-14    Pannello 6

Sanfilippo A.* & Tribuzio R. : SW Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho; Expedition 360 Post-Cruise Meeting (14-19 May 2018, Siracusa, Italy)

4-15    Pannello 7

Zitellini N.*, Loreto M.F., Ranero R.C., Prada M., Sallares V. & Grevemeyer I. : IODP Proposal 927-pre: the TyrrhenIan Magmatism & Mantle Exhumation (TIME)