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S1. Biota evolution, biomineralization and responses of ecosystems to environmental perturbations: from local to global, from short- to long-term

1-8 Bernardi M.* & Benton M.J. : The Carnian Pluvial Episode and its impact on the diversification of dinosaurs and on the origin of modern terrestrial vertebrate faunas
1-9 Bottini C. & Faucher G.* : The effects of paleoenvironmental changes on nannoplankton biocalcification: mid-Cretaceous size variations of Biscutum constans
1-1 Brandano M.*, Tomassetti L., MateuVicens G. & Gaglianone G. : The seagrass skeletal assemblage from modern to fossil and from tropical to temperate: insight from Maldivian and Mediterranean examples
1-6 Cornacchia I.*, Brandano M., Raffi I., Tomassetti L. & Flores I. : The central Mediterranean carbon isotope record across the Eocene–Oligocene transition: the inorganic vs the organic carbon isotope signals
1-10 D’Onofrio R., Luciani V.*, Giusberti L., Fornaciari E., Sabatino N. & Calderone G. : Planktic foraminiferal response to the ETM2 in the Tethys realm: upper water column disruption and marked dwarfism
1-2 Di Bella M.*, Italiano F., Sabatino G., Quartieri S., Ferretti A., Cavalazzi B., Barbieri R., Foucher F. & Messori F. : New insight on the nature of iron Ooid formation – a study from Panarea island (Sicily, Italy)
1-11 Faucher G.*, Erba E. & Poli S. : Emiliania huxleyi sensitivity to ecological changes: a new methodological approach to ascertain if and which environmental parameter influences coccolith sizes and shapes 
1-12 Guido A.*, Russo F. & Mastandrea A. : From autochthonous Micrite to Aphanodolomites: the key role of microbialites in dolomitization processes
1-3 Medas D.*, Carlomagno I., Meneghini C., Araki T., Bedolla D.E., Buosi C., Casu M.A., Gianoncelli A., Kuncser A.C., Maraloiu V.A. & De Giudici G. : Zinc incorporation in marine bivalve shells grown in mine polluted seabed sediments
1-13 Oggiano G., Mongelli G., Sinisi R., Puccini A. & Mameli P.* : Factors affecting Uranium distribution in early Permian-late Variscan Sardinian basins: chemical and γ-ray data constraints
1-14 Perri E.*, Borrelli M., Bernasconi M.P., GindreChanu L., Spadafora A. & Critelli S. : Oligotypic Microbial-Metazoan dominated carbonate platform evolution during upper Triassic rifting (northern Calabria-Italy)
1-7 Posteraro L., Ziveri P., Grelaud M., Ferretti P. & Lupi C.* : Calcareous nannoplankton response to climate variability during Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 19 in the SW Pacific
1-15 Romano M.*, Govender R. & Rubidge B.S. : The oldest and more complete tapinocephalid dinocephalian from Africa: postcranial skeleton Tapinocaninus pamelae (Synapsida: Therapsida)
1-4 Todaro S.*, Rigo M., Randazzo V. & Di Stefano P. : Correlation between extinction pattern and δ13C fluctuations across the Triassic Jurassic boundary in shallow water settings: a proxy for the present day acidification processes
1-5 Visentin S., Reolon D., Faucher G. & Erba E.* : Calcareous nannofossil paleoceanography across the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: a story of fertility and acidification  (Sogno Core, Lombardy Basin, Northern Italy)

S2. Deciphering ancient paleoenvironmental perturbations and their impact on the marine ecosystems

2-8 Amezcua Buendia R., Diamantini C., Potena D. & Negri A.* : Big Data in Geoscience: a new approach for the study of sapropel S1 in the Mediterranean Sea
2-9 Argentino C.*, Lugli F., Cipriani A., Conti S., Fioroni C. & Fontana D. : Highly dynamic redox condition and fluid source identification in seep impacted sediments revealed by Mo-U enrichments, 87Sr/86Sr and REE pattern (Miocene, Mugello outcrops, northern Apennines)
2-10 Caratelli M.*, Cipriani A. & Santantonio M. : Role of Early Jurassic palaeogeography in the distribution of shallow water-derived calciturbidites: two examples from Northern Apennines.
2-11 Chesi C.*, Reguzzi S., Strepparola L., Berra F., Cadel G. & Felletti F. : Lithostratigraphy and facies architecture of a Lower Permian continental succession in Central Southern Alps (Orobic Basin, Italy)
2-12 Cianflone G., Cipriani M.* & Dominici R. : Recognition of Clastic Evaporites in the Catanzaro Trough, Calabria, South Italy
2-13 Cipriani A.*, Citton P., Fabbi S. & Romano M. : First account on some tritorial teeth from the Upper Jurassic of Mt. Nerone pelagic carbonate platform: paleoecological implications
2-14 Cipriani M.*, Costanzo A., Feely M., Hunt J. & Dominici R. : The Calabrian evaporite deposits: insights into selenite and halite genesis during the Messinian Salinity Crisis
2-15 Citton P.*, DíazMartínez I., de Valais S. & CónsoleGonella C. : Tetrapod tracks from the Vera Formation (Los Menucos Group, Río Negro province, Argentina) and their bearing on the chronostratigraphy of the Los Menucos Basin
2-16 Citton P.*, Ronchi A., Maganuco S., Caratelli M., Nicosia U., Sacchi E. & Romano M. : First tetrapod footprints from the Permian of Sardinia
2-17 Dela Pierre F.*, Natalicchio M., Birgel D., Brumsack H., Carnevale G., Gennari R., Gier S., Lozar F., Pellegrino L., Sabino M., Schnetger B. & Peckmann J. : The effects of orbital forcing archived in a sedimentary succession across the onset of the Messinian salinity crisis
2-18 Di Cencio A., Marino M.C.*, Petti F.M. & Mariotti N. : The "Abbeveratoio" Section: a peculiar Toarcian succession in the central Apennines
2-19 Fabbi S.*, Cestari R., Chiocchini M., Marino M. & Pichezzi R.M. : The Upper Turonian-Santonian neritic carbonates in the northern Simbruini Mts. (Central Apennines, Italy): integrated stratigraphy and palaeoecological considerations
2-20 Francescone F.*, Lauretano V., Bouligand C., Moretti M., Sabatino N., Schrader C., Catanzariti R., Hilgen F., Lanci L., Turtù A., Sprovieri M., Lourens L. & Galeotti S. : A 9 million-year-long astrochronological record of the early-middle Eocene corroborated by seafloor spreading rates
2-3 Guido A.*, Russo F. & Mastandrea A. : Microbialite within oxygen-depleted cavities: geomicrobiological laboratories to decipher ancient environment perturbations
2-21 Kiani Harchegani F.* & Morsilli M. : The potential role of internal waves on mesophotic coral facies developments: the case study from Iran and Italy (Late Oligocene)
2-22 Lozar F.*, Violanti D., Dela Pierre F., Natalicchio M., Gennari R. & Nallino E. : Calcareous microfossils size decrease at the beginning of the Messinian salinity crisis: data from the Piedmont Basin
2-6 Mancini A. M.*, Lozar F., Gennari R., Ziveri P., Mortyn P. G. & Stolwjk J. D. : Calcareous Nannofossils and foraminifer Mg/Ca record: new paleoenvironmental and biostratigraphic insights at and prior to the onset of the Messinian salinity crisis in the Sorbas Basin
2-23 Mancini A.M.* & Negri A. : Coccoliths, CO₂, Sapropels and Climate: clues from a core in the Ionian Sea
2-24 Morigi C.*, Grant K., Monterastelli A., Mosconi S., Rohling E., Sangiorgi F., Zanchetta G. & Negri A. : Planktonic assemblage variability during the deposition of sapropel S5 in the Ionian Sea
2-25 Natalicchio M.*, Birgel D., Dela Pierre F. & Peckmann J. : Late Miocene (Messinian) marine carbon cycle perturbations recorded by positive δ13c excursion of molecular fossils in a semi-enclosed Mediterranean Subbasin (Piedmont basin) 
2-4 Negri A.* : The sapropel theme: DSDP, ODP and beyond
2-1 Peckmann J.* : Microbial reefs revived – the impact of paleoenvironmental perturbations on reefal ecosystems
2-7 Pellegrino L.*, Dela Pierre F., Natalicchio M. & Carnevale G. : Reconstructing high frequency paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic changes in the northernmost Mediterranean during the Late Miocene: insights from the diatomites of the Piedmont Basin
2-2 Perri E.*, GindreChanu L., Borrelli M., Caruso A. & Critelli S. : A microbial-dominated carbonate platform-to-slope system during the onset of the Messinian salinity crisis (Calcare di base Fm, southern Italy)
2-5 Sabino M.*, Natalicchio M., Dela Pierre F., Birgel D., Gier S. & Peckmann J. : Environmental change across the onset of the Messinian salinity crisis recorded in deep water fine-grained siliciclastic sediments: the Govone section (NW Italy)
2-26 Torricella F.*, Colizza E., DiRoberto A., Gallerani A., Giglio F. & Melis R. : Can tephra deposition influence diatom assemblages in Antarctic marine sediments?

S3. Marine geohazards on the continental margins of Italy

3-1 Aiello G., Amato V., Aucelli P.C.C., Barra D., Corrado G.*, Di Leo P., Di Lorenzo H., Pappone G., Parisi R., Petrosino P., Russo Ermolli E. & Schiattarella M. : Coastal response to sea level change in the Garigliano Plain at the Latium-Campania border during the Late Pleistocene – Holocene: constraints for risk assessment
3-9 Artoni A.*, Polonia A., Carlini M., Gasperini L., Torelli L. & Mussoni P. : A new Megaslide in the Bradano Foredeep area (Southern Apennines, Ionian Sea)
3-3 Candoni O.*, Ceramicola S., Praeg D., Zecchin M., Brancatelli G., Gorini C., Bohrmann G. & Cova A. : Plio-Quaternary mass wasting processes along the Ionian Calabrian margin
3-4 Casalbore D.*, Anzidei M., Bosman A., Romagnoli C. & Chiocci F.L. : Marine geohazards on the eastern part of Lipari Island (Aeolian Islands): the role of retrogressive erosion at the head of submarine canyons
3-10 Chiocci F.L.* & Casalbore D. : Marine Geohazard associated to the fast-morphological evolution of geologically-active areas: examples from the Southern Italy
3-11 Colizza E.*, DiRoberto A., Gallerani A., Giglio F., Melis R. & Manzan S. : Sedimentary processes and associated geo-hazards of the Ionian Calabrian inner margin
3-2 Di Paola G.*, Aucelli P.P.C., Matano F. & Rizzo A. : Future scenarios of coastal risk due to Relative Sea Level Rise along the Campanian plains (southern Italy)
3-12 Distefano S.*, Gamberi F., Leidi E., Mercorella A. & Di Stefano A. : Geomorphic setting and sedimentary processes in the North-Eastern sicilian continental shelf: hints for offshore geohazard evaluation
3-6 Gamberi F., Scacchia E.*, Dalla Valle G., Di Stefano S., Gallerani A., Leidi E., Mercorella A. & Savelli F. : Extensive mass-transport deposition in the Capo d’Orlando Basin: location, 3-D geometry, facies and possible genetic processes
3-13 Rizzo A.*, Amato V., Aucelli P.P.C., Di Paola G., Matano F. & Pappone G. : Holocene coastal geomorphological evolution in response to sea level rise: a validation for future scenarios of marine flooding along the Campanian coastal plains
3-14 Ruberti D.*, Matano F., Sacchi M. & Vigliotti M. : Geological evolution and land subsidence of the Volturno River coastal plain (northern Campania)
3-5 Sammartini M., Camerlenghi A., Budillon F.*, Insinga D.D., Zgur F., Conforti A., Iorio M., Romeo R. & Tonielli R. : Open-slope, translational submarine landslide in a tectonically active continental margin: the Licosa submarine landslide (South-eastern Tyrrhenian Sea)
3-7 Spatola D.*, Micallef A., Italiano F., D’Amico S., Caracausi A., Pascale F., Facchin L., Petronio L., Coren F., Blanos R., Pavan A., Paganini P., Sapiano M. & Schembri M. : Nature and origin of fault-controlled fluid seepage across the Maltese Islands
3-8 Vaccher V.*, Antonioli F., Biolchi S., Canziani F., Iossifidis T., Kolaiti E., Marino C., Mourtzas N., Scicchitano G., Taviani M. & Furlani S. : A multidisciplinary study of a sinkhole along the southern metamorphic coast of Paros island (Greece)

S4. The role of Italian scientists and educators in the International Ocean and Continental Drilling Programs: major achievements and new perspective

4-6 Boschi C.*, FrühGreen G.L., Orcutt B.N., Rouméjon S., Schwarzenbach E.M. & the IODP Expedition Science Party : IODP EXPEDITION 357: Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life
4-8 Camerlenghi A.*, Lofi J., Bertoni C., Aloisi G. & all the coproponents of the MEDSALT, DREAM and SALTGIANT initiatives : Uncovering the Mediterranean salt giant
4-9 Carlino S.* : "Campi Fegrei Deep Drilling Project": the history of a controversy
4-2 Cicconi A.*, Berenguer J.L., Böttcher M., Burgio M., Darrieu M., Pointu A. & Rodrigues Pereira H.J. : Teachers on board! Features of teachers’ involvement in IODP/ECORD research expeditions:  the experience of seven education and outreach officers
4-10 Cornacchia I.*, Agostini S. & Brandano M. : Miocene oceanographic evolution of the Central Mediterranean: Insights from the Sr and Nd isotope records
4-3 De Santis L.*, McKay R.M., Kulhanek D.K. & the IODP Expedition Scientific Party : Late Cenozoic ocean-ice sheet interactions and West Antarctic Ice Sheet vulnerability: Initial results from International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 374 in the Ross Sea continental margin
4-1 Erba E.* : Italy and Ocean Drilling: a 50-year history of dreams, expectations, successes and training
4-11 Gariboldi K.* : IODP  Exp. 353 “Indian Monsoon Rainfall”: what comes after the Cruise....
4-7 Gariboldi K.*, Zabel M., Gioncada A. & Morigi C. : Spotting the evidence of the effect of volcanic ashes on primary production: report on on-going studies from sites U1443, U1445, U1447 and U1448
4-12 Incarbona A.* : The importance of Ocean Drilling Program expeditions for Mediterranean Sea Palaeoenvironmental and Palaeoceanographic research
4-13 Luciani V.*, D’Onofrio R., Dickens G.R. & Wade B. : Impact of the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum on planktic foraminifera: the crucial record from oceanic sites 
4-5 Olivetti V.*, Zattin M., Balestrieri M.L., Talarico F., Rossetti F., Andreucci B., Perotti M., Pace D. & Li X. : Contribution of thermochronology to marine sediments study in Antarctica: insights into mountain uplift, basin history and ice-flow patterns
4-4 Raffi I.* : The importance of the scientific ocean drilling for a micropaleontologist: experiences from six ODP/IODP Expeditions
4-14 Sanfilippo A.* & Tribuzio R. : SW Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho; Expedition 360 Post-Cruise Meeting (14-19 May 2018, Siracusa, Italy)
4-15 Zitellini N.*, Loreto M.F., Ranero R.C., Prada M., Sallares V. & Grevemeyer I. : IODP Proposal 927-pre: the TyrrhenIan Magmatism & Mantle Exhumation (TIME)

S5. Onshore and offshore Quaternary sedimentary processes and sequences in the Mediterranean regions

5-3 Bruno L.*, Costagli B. & Amorosi A. : Deformed stratigraphic markers in the shallow subsurface of the Po Plain: indicators of recent tectonic activity?
5-4 Capuano N.* : Braid-Delta Depositional System in Peri-Adriatic Basin, Italy
5-6 Casalbore D.*, Bosman A., Ridente D., Clementucci R. & Chiocci F.L. : Morpho-stratigraphic characterization of a submarine deltaic system linked to the Mazzarrà River in the Gulf of Patti (Southern Italy)
5-8 Chiocci F.L.*, Casalbore D., Romagnoli C., Martorelli E. & Falese F. : Submarine depositional terraces in the Mediterranean Sea: genesis and their possible use as proxy for paleo-sea level reconstructions and neotectonics
5-5 Frezza V.*, Chiocci F.L., Ingrassia M., Martorelli E. & Di Bella L. : Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental evidences from benthic foraminifers in the Pontine Archipelago shelf (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)
5-2 Gamberi F.* : Quaternary transgressive, tidal- and wave-dominated coastal-systems in the northeastern Sardinian relict shelf: spatial and temporal variations in coastal process regime
5-7 Longhitano S.G.* : Past and present sedimentary dynamics of a tide-dominated passageway: the Messina Strait in the central Mediterranean
5-10 Nappi A.*, Rossi V.M., Mellere D. & Longhitano S.G. : Sedimentological and paleoenvironmental analysis of a lower Pleistocene stratigraphic section exposed in the SE Siderno Basin, southern Calabria
5-11 Ruberti D.*, Sacchi M., Pepe F. & Vigliotti M. : The Holocene stratigraphic architecture of the Volturno River delta (Southern Italy)
5-1 Tortorici G.*, Giuffrida M., Pavano F., Punturo R., Romagnoli G., Sturiale G., Viccaro M. & Catalano S. : Cyclic sedimentary pulses in the volcanostratigraphic succession of Mt. Etna: evidence for climate-controlled clastic deposition
5-9 de Musso N.M.*, Caldara M., Capolongo D. & Pennetta L.: “Spatio-temporal channel changes, in a Basento river reach (south Italy), in response to the great flood events of 2011 and 2013, with the application of Event Dynamic Classification (EDC) and Event River Morphodynamic Corridor (EMCo)"

S6. The dynamics of sedimentary processes in coastal areas

6-7 Amodio S., Aucelli P.P.C., Corrado G.*, Pappone G. & Schiattarella M. : Late Quaternary stratigraphic architecture of the Volturno coastal plain, southern Italy
6-1 Borzì L.* & Di Stefano A. : Evaluate the effectiveness of renaturalization processes in a dune system: input from a multi-method analysis of shoreline evolution in South Sicily, Italy
6-3 Carpi L.*, Mucerino L., Nuzzi A., Besio G., Firpo M. & Ferrari M. : Coastal monitoring system to evaluate morphodynamic response on Levanto Bay (Liguria)
6-5 Di Stefano A.*, Spada P., De Pietro R. & Borzì L. : Anthropogenic effects on coastal erosion in south Sicily: the case history of Pozzallo coastline
6-6 Donato P.*, De Rosa R., Delle Rose M., Dominici R., Le Pera E., Parise D. & Tenuta M. : Provenance and dispersion of heavy minerals in the beach sand of the Apulia coast
6-8 Lapietra I*, Lisco S., Mele D. & Moretti M. : The textural features of sandy beaches along the Apulian coast
6-9 Le Pera E.* & Morrone C. : The use of mineral interfaces in sand-sized volcanic rock fragments to infer durability
6-4 Lisco S.*, Moretti M., Pierri C., Cardone F., Lazic T., Mele D. & Corriero G. : The Sabellaria worm reef along the Italian Coast
6-10 Morrone C.*, De Rosa R., Le Pera E. & Marsaglia K.M. : Roundness controls on modern beach sand from Aeolian Islands
6-2 Ruberti D.* & Vigliotti M. : From the Bourbon reclamation to the present landscape structure of the Volturno River coastal plain (northern Campania)

S7. From analogue to digital geological mapping: opportunities and risks in the use of new tools

7-14 Agate M., Battaglini L., Busetti M., D’Angelo S., Fiorentino A., Giordano G., Loreto M.F.*, Morelli D., Palmiotto C., Pantaloni M., Pensa A., Pinton A.M., Vita L. & Volpi V. : Structural mapping of Italian Seas: an integrated view of different geological events
7-13 Battaglini L.*, D’Angelo S. & Fiorentino A. : Digital mapping of submerged areas: from the planning to the development of the final products
7-10 Brobia Ansoleaga A.*, Cimoroni A., Pipponzi G., Porreca M., Ercoli M., Mancinelli P., Mirabella F. & Barchi M.R. : Web mapping-based solution for integrated management of geological and geophysical data
7-17 Capponi G.*, Casale S., Montomoli C., Carosi R., Cox S., Crispini L., Federico L., Iaccarino S., Läufer A., Musumeci G., Salvatore M.C. & Scarsi M. : Filling the gap between the GIGAMAP and the GNS maps in Victoria Land, Antarctica: geological mapping in the Convoy Range
7-11 Ciampi P.*, Esposito C., Petrangeli Papini M., Cassiani G., Rizzetto P. & Pompilj F. : Multiscale and Multidisciplinary approach to support the remediation strategy of the Decimomannu military Air Base
7-18 Cirillo D.*, Brozzetti F. & Lavecchia G. : From traditional fieldbook to tablet and drone-aided mapping techniques: an application to the coseismic ruptures survey following the 2016 central Italy earthquakes
7-8 Congi M.P.* & Pantaloni M. : The INSPIRE directive and geological data: how far have we got?
7-19 Corti L.*, Zucali M., Delleani F., Zanoni D. & Spalla M.I. : 3D modelling of fabric domains in the eclogitised continental crust of the Mt. Mucrone area, Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Western Alps
7-20 D’Ambrogi C.*, Berti D., Bonomo R., Capotorti F., Marino M., Muraro C., Pampaloni M.L., Perini P., Pichezzi R.M., Ricci V., Rossi M., Silvestri S. & Vita L. : From geological field survey and biostratigraphic analysis to 3D geological modelling: some of the ongoing activities at Servizio Geologico d’Italia
7-21 De Donatis M.*, Lucchetta D., Capellacci P. & Susini S. : 3D modelling and printing geology of Monte Fumaiolo: back to analog representation
7-5 De Donatis M.*, Rossi A., Bartoccioni L. & Cortellucci D. : Open source in field geology: a QGIS-mate Android compass
7-2 Di Capua A.*, Barilaro F. & Michetti A.M. : Lithological and structural characterization of the range front of the Monte Gorzano fault (Laga-Campotosto fault system): understanding the 2016-2017 earthquake ground effects
7-22 Gallicchio S.*, Capolongo D., Colacicco R., Girone A., Maiorano P. & Marino M. : Digital tools for improving field geological mapping. A case study from the Regional Reserve of Montalbano Jonico Badlands (Basilicata, Southern Italy)
7-9 Guerrieri L., Campo V.*, Congi M.P., Delogu D., Delfini C., Leoni G. & Ventura R. : The new Portal of Geological Survey of Italy (ISPRA): improvement of use of information
7-23 Luoni P.*, Zanoni D., Rebay G. & Spalla M.I. : Structural mapping of UHP serpentinites at Créton, upper Valtournenche valley, Zermatt-Saas Zone
7-12 Marcelli I.*, Barale L., Piana F., Tallone S., Botta S., Compagnoni R., Boerio V., Cipolli F. & Polattini S. : Integration of GIS and AutoCAD informative systems for the execution of the “Gronda di Genova” highway tunnel
7-4 Menichetti M.*, Roccheggiani M., Tamburini A. & Tirincanti E. : 3D mapping of geological structures: from promise to the reality3D mapping of geological structures: from promise to the reality
7-24 Mureddu A.* : Drafting the provincial road safety plan as an opportunity to develop a platform for the geological risk assessment in the territory of South Sardinia Province - Italy
7-6 Ortolano G.*, Fiannacca P., Pagano M., Visalli R. & Cirrincione R. : Deterministic vs. Stochastic interpolation methods in geochemical mapping of plutonic complexes: Automated mapping via IG-Mapper of the Squillace pluton (Serre Massif, Southern Italy)
7-25 Ortolano G., Zucali M., Corti L., Pagano M.*, Visalli R. & Cirrincione R. : Metamorphic Geo-Petrology Information System (MetGeoPetIS): a new cyberinfrastructure for numerical metamorphic geology data management
7-26 Ottomanelli G.P.* & Gallicchio S. : Geological Map of Forenza Town Area (prov. of Potenza), 1:15.000 scale. External Sector of Southern Apennines
7-15 Palmiotto C.*, Loreto M.F., D’Angelo S. & Fiorentino A. : Regional scale morphotectonic pattern of the Tyrrhenian Sea
7-16 Pantaloni M.*, Celarc B., Marku S., Miko S., Radusinovic S. & Vućić Lj. : The pre-Pliocene geological map of the Adriatic Sea
7-1 Testa A.*, Boncio P., Brozzetti F. & Cirillo D. : Characteristics of the 2016 central Italy earthquake surface ruptures (M 6.5) from detailed digital mapping: rupture parameters and comparison with global data
7-3 Urbinati F.*, Cipicchia M. & De Donatis M. : UAV assisted geological mapping: application to stratigraphy and structural survey
7-7 Zuffetti C.*, Bersezio R. & Comunian A. : Joining field mapping, subsurface stratigraphy and geological history in comprehensive 3D geological models: hints from the Quaternary Po Basin (Lombardy, Italy)

S8. Tectonic and sedimentation relationships in Mediterranean basins and belts. A tribute to Fabio Lentini

8-7 Abbassi A.*, Cipollari P., Zaghloul M.N. & Cosentino D. : Evidence for a Late Tortonian Wedge-Top Basin in the Northern Rif Belt (Morocco)
8-2 Argnani A.* : Variability of Africa-vergent Fold-and-Thrust Belts and Foreland Basins of the Central Mediterranean: The Inheritance of Mesozoic Palaeogeography
8-22 Artoni A.*, Polonia A., Torelli L., Mussoni P., Carlini M., Gasperini L. & Basso J. : From foredeep to wedge-top in the Plio-Pleistocene Bradano basin: the Apulia plate as the external front of the Southern Apennines and the Calabrian Arc. Implications for seismic hazard in the Gulf of Taranto.
8-9 Berra F.*, Stucchi E.M. & Moretti S. : New information from “old” seismic lines: an updated geological interpretation from the re-processing of the CROP line M-2A/I (Bonifacio Straits) at shallow depth.
8-24 Brozzetti F.*, Cerritelli F., Cirillo D & Agostini S. : Stratigraphic and structural characterization of the Roccacaramanico Conglomerates (Majella Unit - Abruzzo, Italy)
8-1 Butler R.W.H.* : Interactions between tectonics and deposition in thrust-related basins: interpreting the record
8-5 Calabrò R.A.* & Di Biase D. : Impact of Neotethys’s rifting on Western Desert basins evolution
8-11 Capotorti F.*, Berti D., D’Ambrogi C., Marino M., Muraro C., Perini P., Pichezzi R.M., Ricci V., Rossi M. & Silvestri S. : Stratigraphic and structural complexity in the Northern-Central Apennines: the record of the geological sheet Antrodoco, 1:50.000 scale
8-13 Casciano C.I.*, Patacci M., Longhitano S.G., Tropeano M., McCaffrey W.D. & Di Celma C. : The stratigraphic evolution of a submarine channel system in a tectonically-confined basin: the Miocene Gorgoglione flysch formation, southern Italy
8-4 Cavallina C.*, Benvenuti M., Papini M. & Moratti G. : The Middle Jurassic evolution of the Central High Atlas domain (Morocco): suggestions from the paleo-drainage evolution of the Guettouia Formation
8-15 Cerone D., Gallicchio S.* & Tinterri R. : Tectonic control on trench-type basin stratigraphic succession in Apenninic-Maghrebian Orogen. An example from the Tufiti di Tusa Formation (Calabria – Lucania border, Southern Italy)
8-12 Cipriani A.* & Bottini C. : Unconformities, neptunian dykes and mass-transport deposits as an evidence for synsedimentary tectonics: new insights from the Central Apennines
8-25 Consorti L.*, Sabbatino M., Cipriani A. & Parente M. : Biostratigraphic and Sr-isotope constraints on the Miocene transgressive surface in the Southern Apennines
8-21 Distefano S.*, Gamberi F. & Di Stefano A. : Structural and stratigraphic reconstruction of an offshore portion of the sicilian hyblean foreland ramp
8-14 Fornelli A.*, Gallicchio S., Langone A. & Micheletti F. : U-Pb detrital zircon ages from Gorgoglione Flysch sandstones (Southern Apennines, Italy): inferences on source area
8-6 Frizon de Lamotte D.* & Leprêtre R. : The Tell-Rif orogenic system (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and the complex heritage of the southern Tethys margin
8-19 Gamberi F.* : Tectonics as a key control on sedimentary processes and basin infill from the coastal areas to the deep-sea: examples from the Cefalù Basin (Northern Sicilian Margin, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea)
8-3 Innamorati G.* & Santantonio M. : Sedimentological features of a preserved Early Jurassic basin margin
8-26 Innamorati G.*, Fabbi S. & Santantonio M. : The role played by varying trophic conditions within the same rift basin in the development of carbonate bodies fringing different footwall blocks: the Lower Caloveto Fm. (Longobucco Basin - Sila Greca, Calabria)
8-18 Micallef A., Camerlenghi A.*, GarciaCastellanos D., Cunarro Otero D., Gutscher M.A., Barreca G., Spatola D., Facchin L., Geletti R., Krastel S., Gross F. & Urlaub M. : Evidence of the Zanclean megaflood in the eastern Mediterranean Basin
8-20 Pappalardo G., Mineo S., Casciano C.*, Di Stefano A. & Catalano S. : First results on the characterization of Capo D’Orlando Flysch (Calabria-Peloritani Orogen) through the integration of geomechanics and sedimentology
8-23 Reguzzi S.*, Chesi C., Strepparola L., Cadel G., Berra F. & Felletti F. : New indirect evidence of Permian bi-modal volcanism from sediment petrology in the Orobic Basin (Central Southern Alps, Italy)
8-16 Romagnoli G.*, Pavano F., Tortorici G., Tortorici L. & Catalano S. : The Late Tortonian-Quaternary kinematic model of central Sicily: new insights on the mode of deformation of the inverted African margin
8-10 Spina A.*, Brogi A., Capezzuoli E., Cirilli S., Liotta D. & Rettori R. : New microfloristic data from the Rio Marina Formation (Elba Island): through a stratigraphic correlation of the Upper Palaeozoic successions in Southern Tuscany (Northern Apennines, Italy)
8-17 Sulli A.*, Gasparo Morticelli M. & Agate M. : Basins at convergent margins: evolution of the Messinian basins developed on top of the Sicilian Fold and Thrust belt
8-27 Tripodi V.*, Muto F., Brutto F., Perri F. & Critelli S. : The tectonic and sedimentary framework of the Neogene-Quaternary back-arc and forearc areas, in the southern Calabria (south Italy)
8-28 Velicogna M.*, Princivalle F., Lughi V., Petrelli M. & Lenaz D. : Provenance evolution of the Julian Flysch Basin through geochronological and geochemical study of detrital zircon and rutile
8-29 Zecchin M.*, Accaino F., Ceramicola S., Civile D., Critelli S., Da Lio C., Mangano G., Prosser G., Teatini P. & Tosi L. : Architecture, timing and triggering factors of the Crotone Megalandslide, southern Italy
8-30 Zizzo E.*, Spatola D., Sulli A. & Micallef A. : Seismostratigraphic reconstruction of the Messinian palaeotopography across the Northern Sicily Continental Margin (NSCM) and an overlying Zanclean megaflood deposit
8-8 [SPONSOR OGS]Pedicchio M.C.* : Oceanografia e Geofisica per le Scienze della Terra

S9. Faulting and folding across the scales. How, where, and why the lithosphere deforms

9-2 Aldega L.*, Viola G., CasasSainz A., Marcén M., RománBerdiel T. & van der Leilj R. : Deciphering the timing of deformation of polyphase crustal-scale faults in northern Iberia, Spain: Insights from K-Ar dating of clay gouges
9-8 Corbi F.* : Lab-scale subduction megathrust earthquakes: applications and future directions
9-15 De Guidi G. & Privitera G.* : New data of Catania Anticline activity in the western area of Misterbianco Town (eastern Sicily)
9-11 Del Sole L.* & Antonellini M. : Calcite-cement precipitation mediated by cataclastic shear bands in arkosic sand: petrophysical and mechanical considerations
9-16 Fabbi S.* & Smeraglia L. : Backthrusts occurrence in fold-thrust belt and their effect on extensional fault displacement estimations: field evidence from the Middle Val Roveto, central Apennines, Italy
9-17 Federico L.*, Maino M., Crispini L. & Capponi G. : Paleo-depth of fault activity: an estimate from paleostress state calculations
9-13 Grieco D.S.*, Ferraro F., Agosta F., Ukar E., Cavalcante F., Belviso C. & Prosser G. : Diagenetic evolution of carbonate fault rocks associated to extensional normal faults of central and southern Apennines
9-14 La Bruna V.*, Lamarche J., Giuffrida A., Salardon R., Marié L. & Agosta F. : Structural diagenesis of platform carbonates: role of possible early embrittlement on fracture development and distribution
9-3 Lanari R.*, Fellin M.G., Faccenna C., Balestrieri M.L., Pazzaglia F., Nasrrddine Y. & Maden C. : Control of the inherited structures on the Miocene orogenic evolution of the High Atlas (Morocco)
9-7 Maggini M.* & Caputo R. : A rheological transect across the Hellenides
9-18 Malatesta C.*, Crispini L., Läufer A., Lisker F. & Capponi G. : Microstructural records of a polyphase hydrothermal fluid-rock interaction along exhumed faults in northern Victoria Land (Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica).
9-5 Mercuri M.*, Carminati E., Mazzanti P., Tartarello M.C., Baleani M. & Collettini C. : Real and virtual outcrops to characterize the internal structure of a carbonate-hosted fault zone: the Tre Monti fault case study in Central Italy
9-9 Mittempergher S.*, Zanchetta S., Villa I.M., Caldiroli F., Bistacchi A. & Zanchi A. : Radiometric ages of solid state deformation structures in the Northern Aadamello Avio granodiorite (Southern Alps, N Italy)
9-10 Montanari D.*, Bonini M., Corti G., Agostini A. & Del Ventisette C. : Deformation associated to shallow magma intrusions: hints from analogue models
9-12 Sabbatino M.*, Consorti L., Vitale S., Tavani S., Corradetti A., Cipriani A. & Parente M. : Structural and stratigraphic constraints of the Cretaceous to Miocene deposits bracketing the forebulge unconformity in southern Apennines by means of extensional structures pattern and Sr-isotope stratigraphy
9-19 Scarsi M.*, Crispini L., Federico L., Garofalo P.S., Mariani E., Crowley S. & Capponi G. : Ultramafic rocks carbonation during paleo-seismic events: evidence from exhumed faults (Voltri Massif, Italy)
9-6 Siravo G.*, Faccenna C., Becker T.W., Fellin M.G., Gérault M., Herman F. & Molin P. : The role of inherited structures and slab flattening to the topographic growth of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia
9-1 Vannucchi P.*, Spagnuolo E., Di Toro G., Aretusini S., Nielsen S., Morgan J. & de Montserrat A. : Controlling factors for the mode of slip in the shallowest portions of megathrusts
9-4 Zanchi A.*, Zanchetta S., Mascandola C. & Montemagni C. : Plastic to brittle deformations along the Meran-Mauls segment of the Periadriatic Fault, Italy

S10. The role of shear zones in the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the lithosphere: insights from microfabric to mountain belt structures

10-4 Butler R.W.H.* & Torvela T. : The competition between rates of deformation and solidification in syn-kinematic granitic intrusions: Resolving the pegmatite paradox
10-17 Carosi R.*, Montomoli C., Cottle J., Iaccarino S., Tartaglia G. & Visonà D. : Dating the High Himalayan Discontinuity and the Main Cenral Thrust in the Marshyangdi valley (Central Nepal) by in-situ U-Th-Pb monazite petrochrnology
10-18 Carosi R., Petroccia A.* & Montomoli C. : 1:25.000 structural map of Lodè and Mamone in the northern of the Sardinian variscan basement
10-13 Chen J.*, Carosi R., Cao H., Montomoli C., Clark A.K., Iaccarino S., Real C. & Li G.X. : P-T-t-D paths of the Cuonadong detachment, SE Tibet
10-19 Chen J., Carosi R.*, Cao H., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Langone A. & Li G. : Structural setting of the Yalaxiangbo dome, SE Tibet (China)
10-20 De Bernardi S., Ferrando S.*, Decarlis A., Borghi A. & Manatschal G. : Post-Variscan events recorded near the Pogallo line (Lago d’Orta)
10-21 Fazio E.*, Ortolano G., Visalli R., Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A. : Alpine shear zone reworking Variscan rocks in the Sila Piccola Massif (Northern Calabria)
10-7 Fazio E.*, Punturo R. & Cirrincione R. : Microtomography investigation of ultramylonites from crustal scale shear zones and implications on the rheology of the continental lithosphere
10-3 Fiannacca P.*, Cirrincione R., Pezzino A. & Russo D. : Shear-related production of fake granitoids: there are trondhjemites and trondhjemites in the southern Calabria-Peloritani Orogen
10-14 Iaccarino S.*, Montomoli C., Carosi R., Montemagni C., Massonne H.S., Jain A.K. & Visonà D. : Inverted metamorphic sequence along the Alaknanda-Dhauli Ganga valleys, Garhwal Himalaya (NW India)
10-15 Montemagni C.*, Carosi R., Iaccarino S., Montomoli C., Jain A.K. & Villa I.M. : Contemporaneity of the STDS and MCT in Garwhal Himalaya (NW India): myth or reality?
10-22 Montomoli C.*, Iaccarino S., Nania L., Leiss B. & Carosi R. : Deformation  and kinematics in the South Tibetan Detachment System (Himalaya): a telescoped regional “contact” metamorphism?
10-23 Montomoli C.*, Iaccarino S., Simonetti M., Lezzerini M. & Carosi R. : Structural setting, kinematics and metamorphism in a km-scale shear zone in the Inner Nappes of Sardinia (Italy)
10-24 Nania L.*, Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Leiss B. & Carosi R. : Non-coaxial deformation of the Main Central Thrust zone: kinematics and temperature regimes in the Annapurna Range, Lower Dolpo Region (Western Nepal)
10-5 Olivetti V.*, Balsamo F. & Rossetti F. : Brittle reactivation of mylonitic shear zones: constraining the Cenozoic tectonic evolution at the Transantactic Mountain Front, Victoria Land, Antarctica.
10-6 Ortolano G.*, Fazio E., Visalli R., Alsop I., Pagano M. & Cirrincione R. : Rheology and kinematics of the early-Alpine strike slip tectonics in the southern Calabrian terrane: the case of the Palmi shear zone (southern Italy)
10-11 Pellegrino A.G.*, Zhang B., Speranza F., Maniscalco R., Yin C., HernandezMoreno C. & Winkler A. : Strike-slip fault shear vs. mega-block drift in Yunnan (China): paleomagnetic and structural investigation
10-25 Petroccia A.*, Simonetti M., Carosi R. & Montomoli C. : Kinematic of the flow and finite strain analysis in the Cavalaire Fault (Maures Massif, SE France) and in the Posada-Asinara shear zone (Sardinia basement, Baronie)
10-8 Prosser G.*, Giuffrida A. & Agosta F. : The ductile deformation in the Messinian terrigenous deposits on top of the Inner Apulian Platform (Monte Alpi, Basilicata)
10-26 Purrone S.* & Carosi R. : The Variscan basament exposed in the southern Calabria: a Late Carboniferous network of shear zone?
10-12 Rapa G., Mosca P., Groppo C. & Rolfo F.* : Petrology and structural geology help elucidate the occurrence of tectonometamorphic discontinuities in central Nepal Himalaya
10-9 Real C.*, Froitzheim N., Carosi R. & Ferrando S. : Identification of Mesozoic detachments preserved in the South Alpine basement (northern Como lake area, Italy)
10-27 Russo D.*, Fiannacca P., Fazio E., Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A. : A mini-atlas of shear-related microstructures in late Variscan granitoid rock from the north-eastern Peloritani Mountains (southern Italy)
10-10 Simonetti M.*, Carosi R. & Montomoli C. : Evidence of the East Variscan Shear Zone in the Western Alps: case of study from the Argentera and the Aiguilles Rouges External Crystalline Massifs
10-28 Tursi F.*, Festa V., Fornelli A., Micheletti F. & Spiess R. : Syn-shearing Mobility of Major Elements in Ductile Shear Zones: State Of The Art for Felsic Deformed Protoliths
10-1 Viola G.*, Scheiber T., Bingen B. & Ganeroed M. : Multiple reactivation and strain localization along a Proterozoic orogen-scale deformation zone: The Kongsberg-Telemark boundary in southern Norway revisited
10-2 Viti C.*, Collettini C., Tesei T., Tarling M.S. & Smith S.A.F. : Deformation microstructures and processes in serpentinites: from weak to ultraweak behavior
10-16 [SPONSOR AGILENT] Scardina P.* : Applicazioni nel settore geochimico e geocronologico in ICP-MS a triplo quadrupolo

S11. Tectono-metamorphic processes from micro-scale to plate margins: Geological, Geophysical and Petrological approaches in unravelling the evolution of metamorphic terrains in collisional belts

11-12 Campomenosi N.*, Mazzucchelli M.L., Mihailova B.D., Korsakov A.V., Scambelluri M., Angel R.J. & Alvaro M. : Relations between induced birefringence haloes and polarized raman spectra in host cubic crystals
Cavalcante F.*, Catanzariti R. & Prosser G. : A geological map of the Liguride complex of the Pollino area (Southern Apennines)
Corno A., Borghi A., Gattiglio M. & Mosca P.* : Lithostratigraphic and structural features of the Monte Banchetta – Punta Rognosa massif (Western Alps, Italy)
11-6 Corti L.*, Visalli R., Ortolano G., Zucali M. & Zanoni D. : Quantitative analysis of metamorphic reaction progress along strain gradients in granitoid and basic rocks from Lago della Vecchia, Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Western Alps
11-18 Cruciani G.*, Fancello D., Franceschelli M. & Musumeci G. : Geochemical data on the Ordovician  magmatism of Sardinia Variscan chain: the case study of Monte Filau orthogneiss
11-19 Frassi C., Rebay G.*, Pandolfi L., Marroni M., Göncüoğlu C.M., Ellero A., Ottria G. & Sayit K. : Metamorphic evolution of the Saka Unit (Central Pontides, Northern Turkey): new implications for the Mesozoic convergence-related processes in the Intra-Pontide suture zone
11-2 Gilio M.*, Groppo C.*, Ferrando S. & Rolfo F. : Estimating differences in peak P-T conditions in the (U)HP tectonic nappe stack of Southern Dora-Maira Massif (Western Alps)
11-20 Gilio M.*, Campomenosi N., Scambelluri M. & Alvaro M. : Raman vs. classic geothermobarometry: a comparative study
11-21 Gusmeo T., Spalla M.I.*, Tartarotti P., Zanoni D. & Gosso G. : Structural-geological survey of an eclogitized chaotic complex: the Riffelberg - Garten Unit in the Breuil dell (Zermatt-Saas Zone, Italian Western Alps)
11-22 Malatesta C.*, Capponi G., Gerya T., Läufer A., Scarsi M. & Crispini L. : Integrating geological data with numerical models for the understanding of the Ross-Delamerian Orogeny in northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
11-11 Mazzucchelli M.L.*, Angel R.J., Morganti S., Reali A. & Alvaro M. : Elastic geobarometry for elastically anisotropic inclusions
11-13 Murri M.*, Mazzucchelli M.L., Campomenosi N., Korsakov A.V., Prencipe M., Mihailova B.D., Scambelluri M., Ange R.J.l. & Alvaro M. : Raman elastic geobarometry for anisotropic mineral inclusions
11-3 Musiyachenko K.* & Korsakov A. : Tourmaline zoning pattern recording fluid evolution in the Kokchetav diamond grade metamorphic rocks
11-10 Ortolano G., Visalli R.*, Godard G. & Cirrincione R. : Garnet diffusion modelling applied for discovering timescales and rates of geological processes: two different case from Serre and Sila massifs (Calabria, Italy)
11-23 Pellegrino L., Zanchetta S., Tumiati S., Langone A., Zanchi A. & Malaspina N.* : High pressure melting of eclogite: structural and geochemical evidence for multiple metasomatism of grt-peridotites from the Duria Area (Central Alps, N Italy)
11-24 Real C.*, Ferrando S., Carosi R, Fassmer K., Froitzheim N., Rubatto D. & Groppo C. : The pre-Alpine polymetamorphic basement of the Southern Alps: A new petro-geochronological data set from the Dervio-Olgiasca Zone
11-1 Rebay G.* & Powell R. : Phase equilibria for high-pressure serpentinites and compositionally-related rocks close to the MASH system
11-4 Roda M.*, Zucali M., Regorda A. & Spalla I. : Is the Rocca Canavese Thrust Sheet (Italian Western Alps) a subduction-related mélange? A multidisciplinary approach
11-8 Rubatto D.* : Geochronological constraints on the rates of subduction and crustal melting 
11-25 Salerno D.*, Fiannacca P., Ortolano G., Lombardo R., Giustolisi L. & Cirrincione R. : Garnet-bearing quartz diorites as clues for melting and melt extraction processes in the lower crust (Capo Vaticano Promontory, southern Italy)
11-5 Scambelluri M.*, Pennacchioni G., Gilio M., Bestmann M., Plümper O., Nestola F. & Notini L. : Fossil intermediate-depth earthquakes in subducting slab mantle linked to differential stress release 
11-26 Scodina M.*, Cruciani G., Franceschelli M. & Massonne H.J. : Anticlockwise P-T metamorphic evolution of retrogressed amphibolites from NE Sardinia, Italy: geodynamic implications
11-7 Tumiati S.*, Pellegrino L., Zanchetta S. & Malaspina N. : High-temperature overprint in high-pressure rocks from Monte Duria (Adula Nappe, Italy): clues for the subduction/exhumation history of the Central Alps
11-9 Tursi F.*, Spiess R., Festa V. & Caggianelli A. : New insights for the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the upper-intermediate crustal section exposed in the southern Serre Massif (Calabria, Southern Italy): phase equilibria modelling of a garnet-hornblende bearing metandesitic lense
11-14 van Schrojenstein Lantman H.W.*, Wallis D., Scambelluri M. & Alvaro M. : Applying elastic geobarometry on the Lago di Cignana UHPM unit: preliminary results
11-27 Zanoni D., Roda M. & Spalla M.I.* : Permian geodynamics of the central Southalpine by tectono-thermal record in post-Variscan conglomerates
11-15 [SPONSOR ZEISS] Graham S.* :  Automated Quantitative Mineralogy in Geoscience Research

S12. Georesources and Energy for the XXI Century

12-5 Agate G.*, Moia F. & Colucci F. : Numerical simulations of the industrial process of storage of natural gas in order to investigate the safety of a real depleted tank
12-10 Aydin A.* & Zhong J. : Using Rock Fracture Knowledgebase for environment and energy and related issues
12-23 Balestra M., Corrado S., Aldega L.*, Gasparo Morticelli M., Sulli A., Rudkiewicz J.L. & Sassi W. : 3D Structural Modeling and Restoration in thrust belts: examples from the Kumeta and Busambra Mts, Sicilian fold and thrust belt, Italy
12-20 Borrelli M.*, Campilongo G., Critelli S., Perrotta I.D. & Perri E. : 3D Nanopores tomography using transmission electron microscopy in Triassic Dolostones
12-24 Castelluccio P.*, Giuffrida A., La Bruna V., Panza E., Rustichelli A., Tondi E., Giorgioni M. & Agosta F. : Outcrop-scale fracture analysis of tight, well-bedded, Lower Cretaceous limestones, Monte Alpi (southern Italy)
12-2 Cavalcante F.*, Fulignati P., Belviso C., Petrullo A., Prosser G. & Agosta F. : The Monte Vulture Volcano (Southern Apennines; Italy): evidences of past hydrothermal circulation and inferences on geothermal potential  
12-7 Colucci F., Moia F.*, Plaisant A., Maiu A. & Pettinau A. : Geological and numerical fluid dynamic modelling of Sulcis basin in Sardinia for CO2 geological storage
12-6 Di Maggio F.* & Balossino P. : Integrated petrophysical characterization in a complex brownfield
12-3 Dini A.* : A conceptual model for the Tuscan crustal magmatism: insights on geothermal systems
12-11 Ferraro F.*, Prasad M., Vinciguerrra S., Violay M., Giorgioni M. & Agosta F. : Petrophysical and rock physical properties of carbonate fault rocks
12-1 Filipovich R., Invernizzi C.*, Ahumada F., Chiodi A., Báez W., Aldega L., Bigi S., Becchio R., Corrado S., Caricchi C., De Astis G., De Benedetti A., Groppelli G., Norini G., Taviani S., Tassi F., Viramonte J. & Giordano G. : New conceptual model for the Tocomar Geothermal System (Central Puna, NW Argentina): insights from geological, structural and geochemical data
12-25 Floridia G.* & Viccaro M. : The role of geology in the optimization of low-enthalpy geothermal systems: a case study from the Island of Salina (Aeolian Islands, Italy)
12-12 Gambino S.*, Fazio E., Maniscalco R., Punturo R., Barreca G., Lanzafame G. & Butler R. : Fold-related deformation bands: an analogue of a shallow-burial reservoir from Numidian turbidites of Sicily
12-15 Giuffrida A.*, La Bruna V., Panza E., Eriksson M., Torrieri S. & Agosta F. : Multi-scale fracture stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous limestone rocks exposed at the Monte Alpi, southern Italy
12-26 Grimaldi S.*, Napoliello A., Giuffrida A. & Agosta F. : Hypothermal springs of La Calda, Monte Alpi (southern Italy): first results of an integrated hydrogeological and structural study
12-19 Jablonská D.*, Volatili T., Di Celma C. & Tondi E. : Impact of gravity-driven deposits on fault damage zone architecture
12-27 Mahdikhani Sarvejahani C.*, Aldega L., Corrado S. & Sarfi M. : Preliminary paleothermal and geochemical data of the sedimentary succession in the Huleylan well, Lorestan, Iran
12-28 Manniello C.*, Giambersio D., Rustichelli A., Belviso C., Cavalcante F., Ferraro F. & Agosta F. : Tectonic control on bauxite formation during Upper Cretaceous faulting of the Outer Apulian Platform
12-13 Mattioni L.*, Lloyd A. & Valera K. : Fault seal analysis as tool to reduce the uncertainties in E&P - Science or fiction?
12-4 Moia F., Colucci F., Agate G. & Bernardo N.* : Geological and numerical fluid dynamic modeling of the offshore hydrocarbon reservoir of Santa Maria Mare (central Adriatic Sea)
12-29 Olita F.*, Rossi V.M., Chiarella D. & Longhitano S.G. : Lower Pleistocene large-scale tidal architectures investigated using remote techniques (Siderno Basin, Calabria) to improve reservoir modelling
12-30 Parrino N.*, Todaro S., Agosta F., Di Stefano P., Napoli G., Pepe F., Renda P. & Martire L. : Structural control on oil first migration within Triassic shale, Favignana Island, Italy
12-22 Pitts A.*, Spina V., Mazzoli S., di Celma C. & Tondi E. : Investigating subsurface basin architecture from the sky with UAV-based Structure from Motion Photogrammetry: an example from the Calvello Basin, Southern Italy
12-9 Riegel H.*, Volatili T., Teloni S., Di Celma C., Mattioni L., Agosta F. & Tondi E. : Mechanical stratigraphy and structural controls on permeability across fault zones
12-18 Rossi V.M.*, Kim W., Leva López J., Edmonds D., Geleynse N., Olariu C., Steel R. J., Hiatt M. & Passalacqua P. : The effect of tides on morphology, stratigraphic architecture and sediment bypass in river-dominated deltas
12-21 Samperi L.*, Minelli G., Cannata A., Madonna C., Mancinelli P., Pauselli C., Taha N., Waldmann N. & Zappone A. : Estimation of VP-VS, density, elastic moduli and thermal conductivity of Messinian Salt Rocks, Sicily: important physical parameters for multiple purposes
12-16 Stocco D.*, Pontiggia M. & Da Pra A. : Sedimentological Data Integration in a Process-based Approach for Reservoir Model
12-17 Telesca D.*, Longhitano S. G., Pistis M., Tropeano M., Sabato L. & Pascucci V. : Miocene outcrop analogues for the Upper Jurassic Rogn Fm in the Norwegian Shelf
12-8 Volatili T.*, Zambrano M. & Tondi E. : From fracture analysis to fluid flow evaluation of fractured carbonates
12-14 Zambrano M.*, Pitts A., Salma A., Giorgioni M. & Tondi E. : Assessment of the fracture roughness and their control on single fracture permeability in carbonates

S13. Outcrop analogues in exploration and production

13-8 Barilaro F* & Di Capua A. : Interaction between hydrothermal-carbonate precipitation and volcanoclastic sedimentation in continental settings: is there any relevance to hydrocarbon generation?
13-5 Cerone D.*, Gallicchio S. & Patacci M. : Turbidite Sedimentation in the Miocene Foredeep of the Southern Apennines: High Resolution Physical Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Serra Palazzo Formation (Basilicata, Southern Italy)
13-7 Chiarella D.*, HernándezMolina F.J., Longhitano S.G. & Mason A. : Tectono-stratigraphic, sedimentological and paleo-oceanographic implications of gateways: insight from southern Italy
13-1 Deschamps R.*, Schmitz J., Joseph P., Doligez B., Lerat O., Hamon Y. & Rohais S. : From 3D virtual outcrops to numerical reservoir models: an integrated approach that brings outcrops to the office
13-3 Martinelli M.*, Bistacchi A., Balsamo F. & Meda M. : 3D model of a km-scale outcrop analogue of fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs: the Gozo Island
13-9 Randazzo V.*, Cacciatore M.S., Todaro S. & Di Stefano P. : Slope Failures and MTDs along a Cretaceous Escarpment in Western Sicily (Italy)
13-6 Rossi M.*, Jacquin T., Visconti L., Fervari M., Carrasquero G., Castoro A., Daubigney L., Lisi N., GiajVia P. & Bettin S. : The contribution of outcrop analogues to the characterization of drowned shelf margins: examples from the Biscay-Cantabrian basin (Spain) and the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (Italy)
13-10 Ruggieri R.* & Trippetta F. : Temperature effects on acoustic measurements conducted on bitumen-saturated carbonate rocks of the Majella reservoir (Central Italy)
13-2 Succo A.*, Mittempergher S., Bistacchi A., Mozafari M., Bruna P.O., Meda M. & Stort F. : Fracture attribute characterization in outcrop analogues by a combined field and multiscale photogrammetry approach: insights from platform carbonates folded in the Pag anticline, External Dinarides of Croatia
13-4 Tomassetti L.*, Petracchini L., Brandano M., Trippetta F. & Tomassi A. : 3D-modelling of lateral facies heterogeneity of a Chattian carbonate ramp (Salento, southern Italy)

S14. Integrated studies of recent and active deformations onland and offshore

14-9 Alparone S., Sgroi T. & Ursino A.* : Seismological analysis along the Taormina Fault (Eastern Sicily, Italy)
14-10 Brighenti F.*, Carnemolla F., Messina D., Lupo M., De Guidi G. & Barreca G. : Geo-referencing techniques of 3d models (SfM): Case study of mud volcano, Village Santa Barbara, Caltanissetta (Sicily)
14-5 Carnemolla F.*, Brighenti F., Messina D., Lupo M., Barreca G., Monaco C., Curcuruto E., Bologna G. & De Guidi G. : Geodetic and photogrammetric survey of mud volcano in Santa Barbara village (Caltanissetta): implication of active tectonics
14-1 Casini L.*, Sechi D., Andreucci S., Shen C.C. & Pascucci V. : Combined luminescence and U-Th dating of Holocene faults in NW Sardinia (Italy)
14-11 Cianfarra P.*, Federico L., Crispini L., Capponi G. & Salvini F. : The structural architecture of the reactivated Rennick Geodynamic Belt (Northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica)
14-12 Civile D*, Lodolo E., Accaino F., Geletti R., Schiattarella M., Giustiniani M., Fedorik J., Zecchin M. & Zampa L. : Capo Granitola-Sciacca Fault Zone (Sicilian Channel, Central Mediterranean): Structure vs magmatism
14-13 Festa V.*, De Giosa F., Moretti M., Del Gaudio V. & Pierri P. : In search of the seismogenetic fault of the March 23rd 2018 earthquake (Mw 3.7) near Brindisi (Apulia, Southern Italy): Quaternary structural setting of the southeast Murge Adriatic offshore
14-14 Forlano S.*, Ferranti L. & Milano G. : Active deformation between the Campania Plain and the Apennines based on integration of geological, geomorphological and seismological data
14-15 Mariucci M.T.* & Montone P. : Geophysical features of shallow crust in Sicily from well log data
14-6 Meccariello M.*, Ferranti L., Pepe F., Barreca G. & Monaco C. : Tectonics of the southwestern Sicily offshore based on multi-scale analysis of seismic reflection profiles
14-7 Monaco C.*, Barberi G., Barreca G., Bruno V., De Guidi G., Mattia M., Pepe F. & Scarfì L. : Geological, seismological and geodetic evidence of active tectonics south of Mt. Etna (eastern Sicily)
14-16 Palano M.* : The present-day GNSS velocity and strain rate pattern of Italy
14-17 Parrino N.*, Gasparo Morticelli M., Pepe F., Burrato P., Di Maggio C., Perricone M. & Sulli A. : Morphometric analysis of the north-western Sicily sector and its implications for the neotectonics
14-2 Patricelli G.* & Poli M.E. : Evidence for quaternary tectonic activity from the reconstruction of the buried quaternary bottom surface in the North-Eastern corner of the Friuli plain (NE Italy)
14-8 Pavano F.*, Catalano S., Romagnoli G. & Tortorici G. : Geomorphic response to the late Quaternary tectonic deformation along the eastern margin of the Hyblean Plateau (SE-Sicily, Italy): the case study of the Avola Fault
14-18 Pepe F.*, Burrato F., Corradino M., de Jong I., Duarte H., Ferranti L., Hermosilha H., Monaco C., Monrigal O., Sacchi M., Sulli A. & Tonielli R. : Active volcano-tectonic deformations: a 3D seismic reflection experiment in the resurgent dome of the NYT Caldera (Pozzuoli Bay, Campi Flegrei, Naples)
14-19 Spampinato S.*, Ursino A. & Palano M. : An evaluation of the seismic/geodetic deformation in the Sicily Channel (Italy)
14-20 Tirincanti E.*, Monachesi G., Cattaneo M., Roccheggiani M. & Menichetti M. : Seismotectonics of Ancona Adriatic offshore: an attempt to construct a 3D velocity model for relocating earthquakes on the Ancona-Rimini coast
14-3 Tortorici G.*, Romagnoli G., Grassi S., Imposa S, Lombardo G., Panzera F. & Catalano S. : An example of Late Quaternary negative tectonic inversion along the Sibillini Thrust Front (central Apennines): the contribution of an integrated geological and geophysical investigation
14-4 Valente E.*, Ascione A., Buscher J., Mazzoli S. & Petrosino P. : Active tectonics in the southern Matese area: insights from geomorphological, morphometrical, stratigraphical, structural and tephrostratigraphical data

S15. Tectonic and geodynamic control on large earthquakes and complex earthquake sequences: case studies from Italy and not only

15-17 Azzaro S.*, Di Matteo L. & Porreca M. : 3D geological reconstruction of the Nera River basin (Central Italy): relationships between seismogenic faults and groundwater circulation
15-9 Barbano M.S.* & Pirrotta C. : Geological/seismological data for the generation of a 3D fault model: the southeastern Sicily 1693 earthquake case study
15-6 Barchi M.R.*, Porreca M., Brobia Ansoleaga A., Cannata A., Cavinato G.P., Ercoli M., Giorgetti C., Mancinelli P., Minelli G., Mirabella F., Pauselli C. & Pucci S. : Subsurface geology and seismogenic faults in the area struck by the 2016-2017 earthquake sequence (Central Italy): a seismic reflection study
15-10 Barreca G.*, Scarfì L., Gross F., Monaco C. & De Guidi G. : Field and geophysical clues for the prosecution towards the SE of the Aeolian-Tindari-Letojanni Fault System (NE Sicily-southern Italy)
15-15 Bello S.*, Lavecchia G., Scarpa R., Brozzetti F., Cirillo D. & Ferrarini F. : 3D fault model of the Campania-Lucania (southern Italy) 1980 earthquake from new field evidences and seismological data
15-4 Boncio P.*, Di Donato M., Mataloni G., Testa A., Palumbo D. & Le Donne L. : Paleoseismic slip of the Mt. Vettore fault revealed by detailed morphologic survey of the bedrock fault scarp (2016 central Italy earthquakes, M 6.5)
15-1 Brozzetti F.*, Cirillo D., Boncio P., Ferrarini F., de Nardis R., Testa A., Bello S. & Lavecchia G. : Field image of a foreshock-mainshock pair: the Amatrice (Mw6.0)-Norcia (Mw6.5) 2016 earthquakes case (central Italy)
15-18 Buttinelli M.*, Chiarabba C., Valoroso L., Pezzo G. & De Gori P. : The role of advanced tomographic images in unravelling the complex history of tectonic inversions, fault segmentation and large seismic sequences occurrence in the central Apennines (Italy) normal fault system 
15-5 Carducci A.*, De Santis A., Lavecchia G. & de Nardis R. : Seismological and statistical analyses of 2009 L’Aquila and 2016 Amatrice-Norcia  seismic sequences (Northern-Central Italy)
15-12 Cataldo D., Piro A.G. & De Guidi G.* : New dating the coseismic deformation of Santa Tecla Fault by Lichenometry method on Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily)
15-19 D’Alessandro A., Marcocci C. & Scudero S.* : Characterization of the quality of earthquakes’ location in Italy
15-16 D’Ambrogi C.*, Buttinelli M., Di Bucci D., Scrocca D. & RETRACED Working Group : The RETRACE-3D multi-data and multi-expertise approach towards the construction of a 3D crustal model for the 2016-2018 Central Italy seismic sequence
15-11 De Guidi G. *, Barreca G., Brighenti F., Carnemolla F., Lupo M., Messina D., Vecchio A. & Monaco C. : UNICT_NET discrete geodetic network: monitoring of aseismic and coseismic ground deformations in different Italian peninsula areas affected by active tectonics
15-20 Fabbrizzi A.*, Porreca M., Pucci S., Del Rio L., Giorgetti C., Pierantoni P.P. & Barchi M.R. : 3D reconstruction of the Mt. Vettore seismogenic fault system: geometric and kinematic relationships with the Sibillini Thrust, Central Apennines (Italy)
15-21 Ferrarini F.*, Lavecchia G., Arrowsmith J.R., de Nardis R., Brozzetti F. & Cirillo D. : Multiple lines of evidence for a new seismogenic fault north-east of the Mt Vettore Fault (central Italy) – an unexpected outcome of the Norcia 2016-2017 seismic sequence
15-3 Ferrario M.F.*, Livio F. & Michetti A.M. : Distributed faulting and partitioning of the deformation in normal-faulting events: insights from the October 30, 2016 Central Italy earthquake (Mw 6.5)
15-22 Lavecchia G.*, de Nardis R., Ferrarini  F., Cirillo D. & Brozzetti F. : 3D Fault-model building for seismotectonic purposes - Application to Central Italy with some warnings
15-7 Mancinelli P.*, Pauselli C., Porreca M., Minelli G., Ercoli M., Brobia Ansoleaga A., Giorgetti C., Carboni F., Samperi L., Mirabella F., Cannata A. & Barchi M.R. : Combined gravity and magnetic anomalies modeling across the area interested by the 2016-2017 seismic sequence in central Italy
15-2 Menichetti M.*, Roccheggiani M., Tamburini A. & Tirincanti E. : Surface ruptures geometries and extensional earthquake faults in the Sibillini mountains (Central Italy)
15-13 Patricelli G.*, Boncio P., Auciello E. & Poli M.E. : Seismotectonic analysis of the Matese area (Southern Apennines)
15-14 Scarpa R.*, Lavecchia G., Di Lieto B., Romano P., Bello S. & Brozzetti F. : Rupture mechanism of the Campania-Lucania (southern Italy) 1980 earthquake inferred from seismological and geodetic data
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15-23 Totaro C.*, Presti D., Neri G. & Orecchio B. : Tectonic stress composition in the Western Ionian revealed by stress inversion of local earthquake focal mechanisms

S16. Mediterranean subduction zones: from deep mantle to shallow structure and volcanism

16-14 Anselmi M.*, De Gori P., Buttinelli M., Antoncecchi I. & Chiarabba C. : The Catalogue of Italian Off-shore Seismicity (C.S.O.) and related hints about the tectonics and geodynamics of the central Mediterranean area
16-5 Barreca G.*, Branca S. & Monaco C. : Three-dimensional modeling of Mount Etna volcano: volume assessment, trend of eruption rates and geodynamic significance
16-10 Casalini M.*, Avanzinelli R., Elliott T., Tommasini S. & Conticelli S. : Tracing sediment recycling into the mantle: application of Molybdenum isotopes to ultrapotassic Italian rocks
16-11 Conticelli S.*, Casalini M., Elliott T., Ammannati E. & Avanzinelli R. : Recycled carbonate sediments in the metasomatism of central Mediterranean sub-continental mantle as revealed by mineralogical, chemical and isotopic characteristics of potassic magmatism
16-7 Corradino M.*, Pepe F., Bertotti G., Monaco C. & Nicolich R. : 3D Architecture and Plio-Quaternary evolution of the Paola Basin: New insights to the Forearc of the Tyrrhenian-Ionian Subduction System
16-4 De Ritis R.*, Pepe F., Orecchio B., Casalbore D., Bosman A., Chiappini M., Chiocci F. L., Corradino M., Nicolich R., Martorelli E., Monaco C., Presti D. & Totaro C. : Volcanism at Slab Tear Faults: the Diamante-Enotrio-Ovidio volcanic complex (offshore north-west Calabria)
16-12 Di Giuseppe P.*, Agostini S., Manetti P., Savascin M.Y. & Conticelli S. : Intraplate magmatism along the Malatya-Ovacik and Kizilirmak strike slip faults in a post-collisional setting (Central-Eastern Anatolia, Turkey)
16-15 Loreto M.F.*, Zitellini N., Ranero R.C., Prada M., Sallares V. & Grevemeyer I. : Morpho-tectonic map of the Tyrrhenian back-arc basin
16-1 Magni V.* : The role of mantle flow on the tectonic and magmatic evolution of the central Mediterranean subduction zone
16-6 Musumeci G., Viola G. & Mazzarini F.* : Compression vs. extension during the late Miocene – Pliocene in the Tyrrhenian margin of the northern Apennines: New perspectives from the eastern Island of Elba (Italy)
16-9 Polonia A.*, Torelli L., Gasperini L., Cocchi L., Muccini F., Bonatti E., Hensen C., Schmidt M., Romano S., Artoni A. & Carlini M. : Calabrian Arc tectonics and mantle sourced diapirism in the Ionian Sea
16-13 Salari G.*, Rahimzadeh B., Agostini S., Masoudi F. & Lustrino M. : Neogene ultrabasic volcanic rocks in central Urumieh-Dohktar Magmatic Arc (NW Iran): melilitites and nephelinites in subduction setting
16-8 Scalera G.* : Is  the Indian eastern margin an ancient Mediterranean coast? – Cartographical experiments with paleopoles
16-3 Scarfì L.*, Barberi G., Barreca G., Cannavò F., Koulakov I. & Patanè D. : The structure of the Calabro-Ionian subduction zone as imaged by high-resolution seismic tomography
16-16 Segou M.*, Parsons T., Mori J. & Chiarabba C. : A new technique to estimate fault potential and aftershock forecasts
16-2 Speranza F.*, HernandezMoreno C., Avellone G., Gasparo Morticelli M., Agate M., Sulli A. & Di Stefano E. : Understanding paleomagnetic rotations in Sicily: Thrust vs. strike-slip tectonics

S17. Geodynamic evolution between the Variscan and Alpine orogeneses: clues from mantle features and magmatic events

17-7 Bianchini G.*, Natali C., Shibata T. & Yoshikawa M. : Basic dykes crosscutting the crystalline basement of Valsugana (Italy): new evidence of Permo-Triassic volcanism in the Southern Alps
17-5 Bonazzi M.*, Langone A., Zanetti A. & Dellarole E. : Plumasite dykes from the Ivrea-Verbano zone: evidence for the triassic magmatism/metasomatism
17-1 Boscaini A., Davies J., Bertrand H., Visonà D., Chiaradia M., Zanetti A., De Min A., Marzoli A.* : Permian basic magmatism from Corsica to the southeastern Alps, a new LIP?
17-8 Brombin V.*, Marzoli A., Roghi G., Jourdan F., Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Webb L.E., Callegaro S., Bellieni G., De Vecchi Gp. & Sedea R. : 40Ar/39Ar geochronology and geodynamic implications of the Cenozoic Southalpine magmatism (North-East Italy)
17-4 Cannaò E.*, Sessa G., Tiepolo M., Ferrari E., Paquette J.L., Moroni M., Langone A. & Formoso F. : Petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of the Loro Intrusive Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone)
17-9 Casetta F.*, Coltorti M., Ickert R.B., Bonadiman C., Giacomoni P.P. & Ntaflos T. : The Predazzo Intrusive Complex (Dolomites, Southern Alps): thermobarometry, oxybarometry and hygrometry of a shallow multi-pulse intrusion
17-12 Conte A.M., Cuccuru S., D’Antonio M., Naitza S.*, Oggiano G. & Secchi F. : Long-lasting mantle-derived activity and evolution in the late-Variscan Sàrrabus igneous complex (SE Sardinia, Italy)
17-10 Conte A.M., Naitza S.*, Oggiano G., Secchi F., Cuccuru S., Casini L. & Puccini A. : Architecture, emplacement mode of late-Variscan plutons and their relationships with post-collisional phases: examples from Sàrrabus igneous massif (SE Sardinia, Italy)
17-6 Crippa C., Zanchetta S.*, Bergomi M., Tunesi A. & Zanchi A. : The Val Biandino Intrusive Complex (central Southern Alps, N Italy): New geochronological and geochemical data on the Permian magmatic activity in the Southalpine domain 
17-2 Filippi M.*, Gosso G., Lardeaux J.M., Spalla M.I., Verati C. & Zanoni D. : From Variscan to Alpine tectonics: magmatic and metamorphic evolution of the Argentera-Mercantour dioritic dyke swarm
17-11 Velicogna M.*, Fantina R. & De Min A. : The Triassic sills of the Costabella Crest (Moena, TN-Italy) in comparison with coeval Dolomitic magmatites
17-3 Zanetti A.*, Langone A., Corvò S., Tommasi A., PadronNavarta J.A., Vauchez A., Tiepolo M., Giovanardi T. & Mazzucchelli M. : New insights into the Post-Variscan evolution of the northern Ivrea-Verbano zone (Finero complex, southern Alps)

S18. The nature of the crust-mantle transition and its effects on the regional tectonic and magmatic evolution

18-9 Antonicelli M. & Tribuzio R.* : Petrology of the Rocca d'Argimonia ultramafic sequence (Ivrea-Verbano Zone): implications for the evolution of mantle melts intruding the lower continental crust
18-7 Aulbach S.* : Kimberlite-borne pyroxenite xenoliths: Samples of cratonic crust-mantle transitions?
18-3 Basch V.*, Rampone E., Godard M. & Tommasi A. : Formation of replacive olivine gabbros in the Oman Moho Transition Zone: Geochemical evolution during deformation-driven dunite impregnation
18-8 Beccaluva L.*, Natali C., Bianchini G. & Siena F. : The bimodal basalt-rhyolite suites of the Paranà CFB province: a reappraisal of the petrogenesis and tectonomagmatic significance
18-10 Bianchini G.* & Bonadiman C. : Peridotite xenoliths from Cofrentes (Spain): inferences on mantle domains interlayered at crustal depth
18-1 Casetta F.*, Coltorti M., Ickert R.B., Bonadiman C., Giacomoni P.P. & Ntaflos T. : The role of crustal assimilation in the genesis of the Middle Triassic Predazzo Intrusive Complex (Dolomites, Southern Alps)
18-4 Consuma G.*, Braga R., Förster B., Konzett J., Lo Pò D., Tropper P. & Bersani D. : Carbon-rich fluids infiltration into the mantle-wedge: from early carbonate inclusions to late veins in orogenic peridotites from the Ulten Zone
18-11 Fornelli A.* & Micheletti F. : Metagabbros, meta-monzogabbros and metabasites from Serre Massif (Calabria-Italy): evidence of a Neoproterozoic magmatism at crust-mantle transition
18-12 Giovanardi T.*, Cipriani A., Girardi V.A.V., Correia C.T., Tassinari C.C.G., Lugli F. & Mazzucchelli M. : A multi-isotope study for intrusion processes of mantle-derived melts in the lower crust: the case of the Tonian Goias stratiform complex
18-13 Lo Pò D., Braga R.*, Tropper P., Konzett J., Mair V., Bargossi G.M. & Consuma G. : Multiphase solid inclusions in the Ulten Zone peridotites: tracer of post-peak multi-stage crustal metasomatism in mantle wedge
18-5 Loreto M.F.*, DüşünürDoğan D., Üner S., İşcanAlp Y., Ocakoğlu N., Cocchi L., Muccini F., Ligi L. & Giordano P. : Fault-controlled hydrothermal flow over a deep magmatic intrusion inferred by numerical modelling in a back-arc tectonic setting, SE Tyrrhenian Sea
18-14 Natali C.*, Beccaluva L., Bianchini G. & Siena F. : Mantle potential temperature of CFB in central Gondwana: Insights on lithosphere versus asthenosphere contributions
18-6 Sternai P.*, Caricchi L. & Castelltort S. : The role of magmatism in the tectonic vs. climatic control on the Cenozoic evolution of the Earth’s surface: a key to the “chicken or egg” conundrum?
18-2 Tiepolo M.*, Casiraghi G., Langone A., Zanetti A., Mazzucchelli M. & Giovanardi T. : Lower crustal magma differentiation in continental setting: an example from the Layered Internal Zone in the Finero Mafic Complex (Ivrea Verbano Zone)

S19. Melt/fluid-rock interaction and migration from the mantle to the surface

19-3 Avanzinelli R.*, Bianchini G., Tiepolo M., Jasim A., Natali C., Braschi E., Beccaluva G. & Conticelli S. : Subduction-related hybridization of the lithospheric mantle in mantle xenoliths from Tallante (Betic Cordillera, Spain)
19-25 Basch V.*, Rampone E., Ferrando C., Borghini G. & Zanetti A. : Origin and melt-rock interaction history of the Mt.Maggiore pyroxenites (Corsica, France): Structural and geochemical insights.
19-26 Borghini A.*, Ferrero S., Wunder B., Laurent O., O’Brien P.J., Ziemann M.A. & Günter C. : Melt inclusions in (U)HP garnet clinopyroxenite and eclogite of the Bohemian Massif
19-11 Borghini G.*, Fumagalli P. & Rampone E. : Pyroxenite-peridotite interactions in upwelling veined mantle: an experimental study at 2 GPa
19-27 Borghini G.*, Rampone E., Zanetti A., Fumagalli P., Class C. & Godard M. : Chemical modification of mantle peridotite via interaction with pyroxenite-derived melt in Northern Apennine ophiolites (Italy)
19-2 Brombin V.*, Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Alard O., Gréau Y., O’Reilly S.Y., Griffin W.L. & Marzoli A. : Lithosphere evolution beneath the Adria Plate: Re-Os systematics of sulfides in mantle xenoliths from Veneto Volcanic Province (North-East Italy)
19-13 Cannaò E.*, Tiepolo M.,, Borghini G., Langone A. & Fumagalli P. : The storing capabilities of the upper mantle/lower crust for As and Sb: insights from experimental studies
19-14 Capizzi L.S.*, Poli S., Fumagalli P. & Tumiati S. : Wetting angles of hydrous carbonatitic liquids and reversal in wettability for silicate and carbonatitic magmas in the mantle
19-8 Corvò S., Langone A., PadronNavarta J.A. & Zanetti A.* : Water content in nominally anhydrous minerals (NAMS) from subcontinental mantle bodies of the Ivrea-Verbano zone (southern Alps)
19-28 Deraco M.*, Sanfilippo A., Ligi M., Vigliotti L. & Rasul N. : Morb-type gabbros emplacement during the Red-Sea continental break-up: a case study from the Tihama Asir magmatic complex
19-4 Faccini B.*, Coltorti M., Bonadiman C., Rizzo A.L.,, Ntaflos T. & Seghedi I. : Tholeiitic refertilisation vs alkaline metasomatism within the Transylvania Basin mantle wedge
19-19 Fumagalli P.*, Borghini G. & Francomme J.E. : Olivine-rich troctolites as a result of melt-dunite interactions: an experimental study
19-29 Giovanardi T.*, Zanetti A., Mazzucchelli M., Hémond C. & Bertotto G.W. : The Tortuga Hill mantle xenoliths (Central Patagonia, Argentina): evidence for variable depletion and metasomatism far away from the subduction zone
19-30 Grammatica M.*, Sanfilippo A., Della Ventura G., MacLeod C., Lissenberg J., Tribuzio R., Zanetti A. & Miur D. : Hydrogen distribution in plagioclase from the Atlantis Bank Gabbros (IODP hole u1473): preliminary data
19-16 Marras G., Stagno V.*, Perinelli C., Andreozzi G. & Cerantola V. : The oxidation state of spinel-peridotites from the Hyblean plateau and the modeled composition of coexisting C-O-H fluids
19-31 Mazzucchelli M.*, Freddo I. & Giovanardi T. : The Phlogopite-Bearing ultramafic rocks: a new proposal for their classification
19-5 Mazzucchelli M.*, Cipriani A., Lugli F., Morishita T., Dallai L., Hémond C., Langone A., Zanetti A. & Giovanardi T. : Intrusion of Gabbroic Dykes in the sub-continental Finero mantle massif: an example of melt-rock interactions at mantle conditions
19-21 Minissale S.*, Casalini M., Tedesco D., Morra V. & Melluso L. : The Geochemistry of the melilite-bearing lavas of the Nyiragongo volcanic complex (D.R. Congo)
19-10 Montanini A.*, Tribuzio R., Luguet A. & Van Acken D. : From crustal protoliths to mantle pyroxenites: a highly siderophile elements and Os isotope perspective from the External Liguride mantle section (N Apennine, Italy)
19-22 Moroni M.*, Naitza S., Lattanzi P., Ruggieri G., Aquino A., Caruso S. & Ferrari E. : Emplacement of the huge Zn-Pb-Ag vein system of Montevecchio, Arburese (SW Sardinia):  geological, mineralogical, geothermometric and isotopic inputs towards a new metallogenic model
19-32 Moroni M.*, Naitza S., Magnani L., Ferrari E., Oggiano G. & Secchi F. : The Ni-Co-As-Ag-Bi-rich hydrothermal vein ores of the Arburese district (SW Sardinia, Italy): mineralogical and geochemical characterization of possible sources for critical metals
19-17 Novella D.*, Prytulak J., Maclennan J., Shorttle O. & Murton B.J. : Vanadium stable isotopes and trace element concentrations of Reykjanes Ridge basalts: Investigating mantle oxygen fugacity, melting processes and lithological heterogeneities
19-9 Rampone E.*, Borghini G., Class C., Goldstein S.L., Cai Y., Cipriani A., Zanetti A., Fumagalli P. & Hofmann A.W. : Pyroxenites as key component in the veined MORB mantle source: insights from the Ligurian mantle (Italy)
19-20 Renna M.R.*, Armandola S., Becker H., Wang Z., Tribuzio R. & Sanfilippo A. : Melt-rock reaction at the oceanic mantle- crust transition: evidence from highly siderophile and chalcogen elements in troctolites from the jurassic alpine ophiolites
19-1 Rizzo A.L.*, Coltorti M. & Italiano F. : Noble gases and CO2 in fluid inclusions from lithospheric mantle xenoliths
19-33 Romano P. & Liotta M.* : Thirty years of the ternary diagram Na-K-Mg (Giggenbach, 1988): applications and limits
19-6 Rumbolo T.*, Montanini A., Tribuzio R., Bosch D. & Bruguier O. : Are the refractory mantle peridotites from Monte Civrari (W Alps) of subcontinental or abyssal origin?
19-18 Sanfilippo G.*, Salters V.J.M., Tribuzio R. & Zanetti A. : Melting the heterogeneous mantle: messages from replacive mantle bodies
19-23 Sciarra A.*, Mazzini A., Inguaggiato S., Vita F. & Lupi M. : Radon and carbon gas anomalies along the Watukosek Fault System and Lusi mud eruption, Java Island, Indonesia
19-34 Sciarra A.*, Cantucci B., Galli G. & Coltorti M. : Geochemical variations of gas composition and C isotopic signature in the Modena province during and after the 2012 Emilia seismic sequence
19-12 Sessa G.*, Tiepolo M., Fiorentini M.L., Moroni M., Deloule E., Ottolini L., Langone A. & Ferrari E. : Archean amphibole as a proxy for the ancient Earth’s volatile budget
19-7 Tribuzio R.*, Ferrari E., Bosch D., Bruguier O., Sbaffi M. & Zanetti A. : High-pressure relics within a mantle body enclosed in the middle continental crust of the Ivrea crustal section
19-24 Vicentini N.* : New classification of carbonatites and inference for a new differentiation process and REE-ore deposits
19-15 Ziberna L.*, Cerantola V., Milani S., Smith C., Bulanova G., Melai C., Faccincani L., Ismailova L., Stagno V., McCammon C.& Frost D. : Oxidation state of Fe in highly refractory mantle peridotites

S20. Magma genesis and transport

20-11 Abart R.*, Baldwin L., Lintner M., Hurai V., Huraiova M. & Schweinar K. : Mechanisms of lamellar intergrowth in alkali feldspar
Ambrosio F.A.*, Stoppa F., Rosatelli G., Schiazza M., Vicentini N. & Sharygin V.V. : Carbonatites of Roman Region, genetic relationship with Italian alkaline Rocks
20-3 Arienzo I., Liotta M.*, Caliro S., D’Antonio M., Sottili G., Gaeta M. & Di Vito M. : Lithium isotope composition as tracer of crust/mantle interaction at subduction zones: a pilot study to understand the magma genesis of the Plio-Quaternary volcanic areas of Central Italy
20-12 Bonechi B.*, Perinelli C., Gaeta M. & Stagno V. : Kinetic crystallization of clinopyroxenes from alkaline basalts: growth rate experiments at high pressure 
20-17 Bonechi B.*, Stagno V., Kono Y., Ziberna L., Perinelli C. & Gaeta M. : Viscosity of alkaline basalts at high pressure: constraints on the pre-eruptive system of Campi Flegrei (Italy)
20-7 Branca S., Corsaro R.A.*, De Beni E. & Tanguy J.C. : Deep magma storage at  Mt. Etna. A contribution from  petrologic and stratigraphic data of the 1763 flank eruptions
20-18 Brugnoni G.*, Di Muro A., Renzulli A. & Rizzo A.L. : Shallow magmatic and hydrothermal crystallization processes at Piton de la Fournaise (Réunion Island, Indian Ocean) inferred from subvolcanic cognate clasts, xenoliths and xenocrysts
20-19 Buono G.*, Edwards B.R., Pappalardo L. & Petrosino P. : Rapid carbonate assimilation as eruption trigger: new insights from a Somma-Vesuvius (Italy) plinian eruption
20-20 Calabrese S.*, Li Vigni L., Brugnone F., Daskalopoulou K. & Valenza M. : Ludovico Sicardi, an unknown pioneer of the Volcanic Geochemical Monitoring
20-6 Coltorti M.*, Casetta F., Giacomoni P.P., Ferlito C. & Bonadiman C. : Can a simple lherzolitic mantle source explain the geochemical variation of Etnean magmas through time?
20-21 De Giorgio G.*, Fiannacca P., Cirrincione R. & Rotolo S.G. : Crystallization of an alkali-granitic enclave from a pantelleritic ignimbrite from Pantelleria, Italy
20-22 Fonseca F.*, Perinelli C., Conte A.M., Bosman A. & Esposito C. : Preliminary petrographic and volcanological study of "Punta Karuscia-Punta Spadillo" submerged area, Pantelleria Island (Strait of Sicily)
20-1 Gaeta M.* : Effect of water on the deep crystallisation of magmas
20-8 Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M. & Ferlito C. : Mt. Etna feeding system as deduced by thermobarometric constrains: state of art and future perspectives
20-13 Giuliani L.*, Iezzi G., Vetere F., Nazzari M., Mollo S., Misiti V. & Ventura G. : Effects of variable cooling rates on crystal-chemistry of solidified phases from a basaltic melt
20-23 Giustolisi L.*, Fiannacca P., Salerno D., Lombardo R. & Cirrincione R. : Crystallization of K-feldspar megacrysts in a molten system: evidence from the two-mica porphyritic granitoids of Capo Vaticano Promontory (Serre Batholith, southern Italy)
20-10 Iezzi G.*, Giuliani L., Vetere F., Nazzari M., Mollo S., Cavallo A., Misiti V., Ventura G. & Behrens H. : Solidification of silicate melts: an experimental perspective
20-5 Lanzafame G.*, Iezzi G., Ventura G., Mancini L., Tamburrino S., Behrens H., Mollo S. & Signanini P. : Marsilian explosive phenomena investigated by analysis of proximal and distal deposits
20-24 Liedl A.*, Lanzafame G., Buono G., Dabagov S.B., Della Ventura G., Hampai D., Mancini L., Marcelli A. & Pappalardo L. : Synchrotron X-ray microtomography for a 3D characterization of pyroclastic products from the 1538 AD Monte Nuovo eruption (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
20-9 Masotta M.*, Pontesilli A., Mollo S., Armienti P. & Scarlato P. : Extremely fast magma dynamics at Mt. Etna revealed by clinopyroxene growth
20-2 Ntaflos Th.*, MatusiakMaek M., Puziewicz J. & Wegner W. : The evolution of the cenozoic alkali basalts, SW Poland
20-25 Petrishcheva E.* & Abart R. : Comprehensive model for Na- and K- diffusion in alkali feldspar
20-16 Romano P.*, Andujar J., Scaillet B., Di Carlo I. & Rotolo S.G. : Experimental constraints on pre-eruptive conditions of a chemically zoned peralkaline reservoir: the example of Green Tuff eruption at Pantelleria (Italy)
20-26 Romano P.*, White J.C., Ciulla A., Di Carlo I., D’Oriano C., Landi P. & Rotolo S.G. : Volatiles and trace elements in melt inclusions from the zoned Green Tuff ignimbrite, Pantelleria
20-15 Stabile P., Appiah E. & Carroll M.R.* : Water solubility in pantelleritic melts
20-14 Stopponi V., Stagno V.*, Kono Y., Manning C., Scarlato P. & Irifune T. : Experimental measurements of viscosity and melt structure of CO2-bearing melts at high pressure and temperature
20-27 Taussi M., Godoy B., Piscaglia F., Morata D., Agostini S., Le Roux P., GonzalezMaurel O., Gallmeyer G., Menzies A. & Renzulli A.* : The Apacheta-Aguilucho Volcanic Complex (Northern Chile): plumbing system processes through the thickened crust and constraints given by areal distribution of the Altiplano-Puna Magma Body
20-28 Tecchiato V., Gaeta M.*, Mollo S., Perinelli C., Monaco L., Bachmann O. & Scarlato P. : Plagioclase records variable-H2O contents in basaltic to andesitic magmas from Capo Marargiu Volcanic District (Sardinia, Italy).
20-29 Verdicchio R.*, Masotta M., Vezzoni S., Dini A. & Rocchi S. : The fate of Kfs megacrysts in felsic vs. mafic porphyry magmas

S21. Linking deep and surface processes: advances in volcanology from a multidisciplinary perspective

21-1 Bonatti E., Ligi M. & Palmiotto C.* : Swollen Volcanic Ridges in Pre-Oceanic, Oceanic and Back-Arc Environments
21-2 Campbell L.S.*, Giordano G., Stock M.J., Langella A., Bish D.L. & Gatta G.D. : Significance and predictive value of the SiO2/Al2O3 ratio in explosively erupted components of alkaline-mafic pyroclastic deposits.
21-9 Caruso S., Ursino A.*, Alparone S. & Gambino S. : Microseismicity along the eastern sector of the Provenzana-Pernicana Fault (Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy)
21-4 Correale A.*, Martelli M., Paonita A., Scribano V. & Arienzo I. : New constrains for the mantle source of quaternary lavas from the Hyblean plateau as evidenced by a combined study of trace elements and Sr-Nd-He isotopes
21-11 Donato P.*, Nicotra E., Giuffrida M., Viccaro M., D’Oriano C., Paonita A. & De Rosa R. : Eruption triggers and their timescales at Vulcano (Aeolian Islands): evidence from textural and in situ compositional data on plagioclase crystals
21-10 Donato P., De Vita S., Lucchi F., Nicotra E., Tranne C.A. & De Rosa R.* : Volcanological history and magmatic evolution of Ustica island (southern Italy) from a new geological mapping (scale 1:10 000)
21-12 Ferranti L.*, Marino C., Natale J., Molisso F., Caccavale M., Corradino M., Insinga D., Matano F., Passaro S., Pepe F., Petrosino P. & Sacchi M. : Vertical motion, structural features and stratigraphic architecture of the Neapolitan Yellow Tuff (NYT) collapse caldera-resurgent dome system off the Pozzuoli Bay during the last 10 ky
21-8 Gennaro E.*, Paonita A., IaconoMarziano G., Rizzo A. L., Martel C., Rotolo S., Liotta M. & Pichavant M. : Chemical and redox variation in Etnean magmas in the last 15 ka
21-13 Giuffrida M.*, Viccaro M. & Zuccarello F. : Fast-diffusing volatiles record timescales of magma ascent and degassing leading to high-energy eruptions
21-14 Italiano F.*, Di Bella M., Sabatino G., Quartieri S., Correale A., Barbieri R., Cavalazzi B., Ferretti A., Foucher F. & Messori F. : Exceptional discovery at Panarea island! The unique recent iron Ooids deposit known in the world: multidisciplinary study to constrain their hydrothermal/volcanic origin
21-7 Liotta M.* & Paonita A. : Mt. Etna: geochemical evidences to understanding how the volcanic system works
21-15 Longo M.*, Paonita A., Bellomo S., Brusca L. & D&#;Alessandro W. : Tracing groundwater flow-lines and the interaction with degassing sources analysing dissolved inert gases (He, Ne, N2) in Etnean aquifers
21-3 Macedonio G.*, Giudicepietro F., Acocella V. & Sandri L. : Eruptibility of magma at calderas
21-16 Maraio S.*, Bruno P.P.G., Coltelli M., Cavallaro D., Firetto Carlino M., Bernardinetti S. & Scandura M. : The sub-surfacestructure of the south-eastern Valledel Bove (Mt Etna, Sicily) as imaged by high-resolution seismic reflection data
21-17 Nicotra E., Donato P., Viccaro M.* & De Rosa R. : Plumbing system geometry feeding the monogenic volcanic fields: inferences from basalts of the Northern Main Ethiopian Rift
21-18 Palano M.* & Cambiotti G. : Episodic slow slip events and seaward flank motion at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)
21-19 Palano M.*, Viccaro M. & Gresta S. : Magma transport and storage at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy): an improved perspective from two decades of geodetic and petrological observations
21-20 Randazzo P.*, Caracausi A., Italiano F., Aiuppa A. & Sulli A. : Active geodynamic in the central Mediterranean: Transfer of mantle fluids across the eastern Sicily
21-5 Viccaro M.* : Natural clocks in volcanic rocks! Untangling magmatic processes fixing their tempo: what we have learned from the 2011-16 activity at Etna
21-6 Zuccarello F.*, Giuffrida M., Gresta S., Palano M., Scandura B. & Viccaro M. : Violent paroxysmal activity triggers rejuvenation of a volcano plumbing system: clues from the 2017 eruptions at Etna

S22. Volcano Hazard Monitoring

22-6 Bilotta G.*, Cappello A., Ganci G. & Zago V. : Sensitivity of the MAGFLOW cellular automaton for lava flow simulations
22-1 Bonaccorso A.*, Aoki Y. & Rivalta E. : Dike intrusion energy balance from deformation modeling and seismic release: an approach to forecast the eruptive fissure propagation
22-3 Calvari S.* : Lava flows, lava tubes and lava fountains at Etna volcano: hazard assessment
22-8 Cappello A.*, Ganci G., Bilotta G. & Zago V. : Assessing lava flow hazards at the new Southeast Crater of Etna volcano
22-5 Cigolini C.*, Coppola D., Yokoo A. & Laiolo M. : Thermal signals in volcano monitoring: cross-checking MODIS-MIROVA data with ground-based measurements at Aso Volcano, Japan
22-9 Corradino C.*, Buscarino A. & Fortuna L. : Artificial neural network approach to removing cloud cover from satellite imagery of volcanoes
22-2 Filippucci M.*, Tallarico A. & Dragoni M. : Far field thermal boundary condition in lava flowing in an open channel
22-10 Ganci G.*, Bilotta G., Cappello A. & Zago V. : Estimation of uncertainty in lava effusion rate integrating thermal infrared and tri-stereo optical satellite data.
22-7 Macedonio G.* & Costa A. : A model for the simulation of lava flows
22-4 Rogic N. & Ferrucci F.* : Spaceborne support to the prediction of lava distances to run: a discussion

S23. Minerals at non-ambient conditions: A Snapshot of the Earth and other planetary bodies

23-10 Alfè D.*, Davies C. & Pozzo M. : Homogeneous solid nucleation in iron and iron-oxygen mixtures at Earth’s core conditions 
23-8 Antonangeli D.* : Mineral-physics constraints on planetary cores: the Fe-FeS and the Fe-FeSi systems
23-1 BalićŽunić T.* : Measuring changes in crystal structures under compression
23-11 Belmonte D.* : Phase diagrams of minerals at deep Earth conditions: a coupled first principles and computational thermodynamic investigation
23-16 Bloise A., Cannata C. & De Rosa R.* : Hydrothermal synthesis of corrensite from Stromboli ash and implications for Mars
23-5 Bonazzi M.*, Tumiati S., Thomas J. & Alvaro M. : Raman approach to evaluate the strain state of synthetic host-inclusion pair
23-15 Campione M.* : The smaller the stronger – The more yielding the more obstinate: Guidelines to identify preserved mineral inclusions
23-17 Carli C.*, Brunetto R., Strazzulla G., Serventi G., Poulet F., Capaccioni F., Langevin Y., Gardes E., Martinez R. R., Boduch P., Domaracka A. & Rothard H. : Investigating reflectance properties of space weathered silicates: effect of swift heavy ion irradiation.
23-18 Comodi P.*, BalićŽunić T., Guidoni F., Nazzareni S. & Zucchini A. : The high pressure behavior of ternary sulphides from the sulphosalt family 

23-6 Fastelli M.*, Comodi P., Zucchini A., Maturilli A., Rossi M. & BalićŽunić T. : Emissivity and reflectance measurement at low and high T of different hydrous salts: a tool to study the surface of the icy planets
23-7 Fazio A.*, Pollok K. & Langenhorst F. : Mechanical Brazil twins and \left \{ 10\bar{1}1 \right \} amorphous lamellae in quartz: indicators of low-pressure shock metamorphism
23-19 Ferrari S.*, Maturilli A., Carli C., Helbert J., D’Amore M., Nestola F. & Hiesinger H. : Thermal Infrared spectroscopy of anorthositic analogues at Mercury-like (non-ambient) temperature conditions.
23-9 Li Y., Vocadlo L.* & Brodholt J. : The elastic properties of hcp-Fe alloys under the conditions of the Earth's inner core
23-3 Lotti P.*, Gatta G.D., Gigli L., Merlini M., Comboni D. & Krüger H. : Intermediate scapolite: crystal chemistry, structure and behavior at non-ambient (P,T)-conditions
23-13 Malaspina N.*, Tumiati S. & Campione M. : Spinel+chlorite assemblage forms only at ultrahigh pressures in garnet-hosted inclusions
23-20 Monaco L.*, Stagno V., Greaux S., Nazzari M. & Irifune T. : Phase equilibria and element partitioning of a carbonated oceanic crust at high pressure and temperature
23-21 Pamato M.G.*, Antonangeli D., Miozzi F., Morard G., Li Y., Vočadlo L., Mezouar M. & Bosak A. : Elastic properties of Fe-Si-C alloys: Testing the composition of the Earth’s inner core 
23-14 Piazzi M.*, Morana M. & Alvaro M. : Fingerprinting diamonds growth conditions through the time and temperature dependence of the properties of magnetic inclusions
23-12 Stagno V.*, Bonechi B., Bindi L., Greaux S., Poe B.T., Romano C., Nazzari M. & Scarlato P. : Synthesis of majorite from omphacitic glass at deep mantle conditions sheds light on the rheology of the subducting oceanic crust
23-22 Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Bersani D., Lenaz D. & Princivalle F. : Raman on R3+ bearing pyroxenes: a clue to interpret mantle xenoliths from different geodynamic environments?
23-4 Tumiati S.* : Fluid-mineral interactions at high-pressure/high-temperature conditions: experiments on the oxidation of graphite and amorphous carbon to carbon dioxide in aqueous fluids at 1–3 GPa and 800°C
23-2 Zaffiro G.*, Angel R.J., Prencipe M., Stangarone C. & Alvaro M. : A novel approach to determine accurate Equations of State for zircon and rutile

S24. Geomaterials: Nature, properties and technology

24-9 Ardit M., Cruciani G., Di Benedetto F.*, Sorace L. & Dondi M. : New spectroscopic and diffraction data to solve the vanadium-doped zircon pigment conundrum
24-10 Barone G., Finocchiaro C.*, Mazzoleni P. & Musarra F. : Insights on Etna anthropic cavities: mineralogical investigations of Ghiara
24-11 Celli L.*, Santi P., Renzulli A., Sartori C., Sartori P. & Passeri L. : A petrographic contribution to the characterization of the ornamental stones in the framework of the design and interior luxury furnishings
24-3 Coletti C.*, Maritan L., Bragiè E., Dalconi M.C., Hein A. & Mazzoli C. : Highly-porous light-weight bricks produced recycling organic waste
24-12 Comboni D., Gatta G.D.*, Guastoni A. & Lotti P. : High-temperature behavior and dehydration of the natural borate colemanite
24-13 Consani S.*, BalićŽunić T., Giuli G., Cardinale A.M., Trapananti A., Salviulo G., Lucchetti G. & Carbone C. : Affinity with Rare Earth Elements of a synthetic Cu-Al-SO4 Layered Double Hydroxide analogous to woodwardite
24-14 Dondi M.* : Feldspathic fluxes for ceramics: a global view at sourcing and composition
24-15 Fioretti G.*, Acquafredda P. & Andriani G.F. : A complete approach for artificial ageing and decay analysis on some types of carbonate stones from Apulia (southeastern Italy)
24-16 Giaccherini A.*, Baroni T., Russo F., Cioffi N., Capolupo F., Picca R.A., Montegrossi G., Di Benedetto F. & Innocenti M. : Electrochemical atomic layer deposition to grow a p-n junction with binary sulphides
24-17 Grieco G., Comboni D.*, Tzamos E. & Orizio S. : Acid Mine Drainage and PTE distribution in a volcanic sulfur mine: the Thiorichia Mine, Milos Island, Greece
24-7 Meli A., Beltrami G.*, Pasti L., Chenet T., Gigli L., Jasper P., Giordano G., Migliori M., Aloise A., Catizzone E. & Martucci A. : ZSM-5 and L zeolites structural characterization after l-lysine amino acid adsorption
24-8 Mercurio M.*, Izzo F., de Gennaro B., Smiljanić D., Germinario C., Grifa C., Cappelletti P. & Langella A. : The use of surface modified natural Zeolites (SMNZs) as ibuprofen carriers
24-6 Molinari S.*, Salviulo G., Baratella D., Magro M. & Vianello F. : Arsenic removal from contaminated water: environmental application of Maghemite nanoparticles - preliminary results
24-4 Mondillo N.*, Boni M., Lupone F., Granitzio F. & De Angelis M. : Nonsulfide mineralization in the Gorno Zinc prospect (Bergamo, Italy): new data on the Oltre il Colle-Pian Bracca exploration area
24-5 Putzolu F., Boni M.*, Mondillo N. & Pirajno F. : The Wingellina Ni-Co laterite deposit (Western Australia): mineralogical association in an atypical oxide-type laterite
24-18 Rispoli C.*, Grimaldi C., Weisenberger T.B., Cappelletti P., Petrosino P., Bish D.L., Prause S., Barich A., Jackson M.D. & the Surtsey OnSite Team : Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite from Surtsey – Alteration in Basaltic Tuff and Analogies with Ancient Roman Concrete
24-1 Zanelli C.*, Conte S., Ardit M., Cruciani G. & Dondi M. : Evolution of Mineral and Melt Composition during Reactive Sintering of Porcelain Stoneware Bodies
24-2 Paris E.*., Stabile P., Abdurahman A., Eshemele E. & Carroll M.R.: Vitrification of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW): prospects for new green building materials

S25. Puzzle crystallography of inorganic structures. A tribute to Fiorenzo Mazzi

25-8 Andreozzi G.B.*, Bosi F., Halenius U. & Ciriotti M.E. : Site distribution of Mn2+ and Mn3+ and structural formula of minerals in the axinite-(Mn) ̶ tinzenite series
25-5 Angel R.J.*, Alvaro M. & Nestola F. : Beyond routine refinements in a routine way
25-6 BalicZunic T.* : Rebulite and jankovicite: Tl5(As,Sb)13S22 solid solution series and the puzzle of symmetry change
25-9 Biagioni C., Musetti S.* & Pasero M. : Crystal-chemistry of tetrahedrite group minerals from the Apuan Alps hydrothermal ores (Tuscany, Italy)
25-3 Bindi L.* : From crystals to quasicrystals in the Khatyrka meteorite: There's plenty of room in the middle.
25-2 Bosi F.* : Structural constraints on the tourmaline site populations
25-1 Cámara F.* : Complexity made simple: some cases in mineral structures
25-4 Giaccherini A.*, Martinelli A., Lepore G.O., Bernardini F. & Di Benedetto F. : The low temperature transitions of bornite
25-10 Idini A.*, Fancello D., Angeli C. & Frau F. : Anomalous birefringence in garnets from SW Sardinia
25-11 Karlsson A., Holtstam D., Bindi L. & Bonazzi P.* : Adding complexity to the nomenclature of the garnet supergroup: discovery of the new member {Ca3} [Sb5+]2(Fe3+2Fe2+)O12
25-12 Mauro D.*, Biagioni C. & Pasero M. : Mg-rich sulfate assemblages from the Fornovolasco mine (Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy)
25-7 Mauro D.*, Biagioni C., Bonaccorsi E., Pasero M., Skogby H. & Zaccarini F. : A new iron (III) phosphate-sulfate from Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy): a difficult puzzle solved through a multi-technique approach

S26. Zeolites and porous materials: Unravelling the relations between crystal-chemistry, stability, structure and properties

26-6 Belviso C.*, Lettino A. & Cavalcante F. : Ultrasonic vs hydrothermal method: different approaches to form zeolites. Influence of both methods on zeolites time-dependent stability
26-7 Comboni D.*, Gatta G.D., Lotti P., Merlini M. & Hanfland M. : High-pressure adsorption of methanol in synthetic MFI- zeolites
26-8 Confalonieri G.*, Arletti R., Ronchi L., Quartieri S., Ryzhikov A., Nouali H., Daou T.J. & Patarin J. : Spring or bumper/shock absorber: how different electrolyte aqueous solutions, intruded at HP, change the Si-chabazite energetic behavior 
26-3 D&#;Alessio D.*, Tribaudino M., Mezzadri F., Milanese C., Magnani G., Pontiroli D. & Riccò M. : Degassing and phase transitions at high temperature in Melanophlogite (Type I Clathrate)
26-9 D&#;Alessio D.*, Tribaudino M., Mezzadri F., Milanese C., Magnani G., Pontiroli D. & Riccò M. : Syntheses of Melanophlogite (Type I Clathrate)
26-10 Fantini R., Arletti R., Polisi M., Giacobbe C., Vezzalini G. & Quartieri S.* : Dehydration and high temperature behavior of zeolite ferrierite:  in situ synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction study
26-1 Gatta G.D. : Crystal-fluid interactions in open-framework silicates
26-11 Martucci A., di Renzo F., Beltrami G.*, Alberti A., GuzmanCastillo M. & Fajula F. : Brønsted acid sites location and thermal stability of NH4-exchanged omega zeolite
26-4 Mesto E.*, Cametti G., Lacalamita M., Comboni D., Gatta G.D., Lotti P., Merlini M., Hanfland M. & Schingaro E. : An in situ HT-HP single crystal X-ray diffraction study of armstrongite,  a microporous zirconium silicate
26-12 Nunziante G., Rodeghero E.*, Pasti L., Gigli L., Plaisier J.R. & Martucci A. : Structural evidence of herbicide (2-ethyl-6-methylaniline) adsorption from aqueous solution in synthetic ZSM-12 zeolite
26-2 Perathoner S.*, Lanzafame P., Papanikolaou G., Centi G., Migliori M., Catizzone E., Aloise A. & Giordano G. : Tailoring structure and acidity properties of zeolites for biomass valorization
26-5 Polisi M.*, Grand J., Arletti R. Barrier N., Komaty S., Zaaour M., Vezzalini G. & Mintova S. : Zeolites for environmental purposes: storage and controlled delivery of CO2 in FAU zeolties

S27. Environmental and medical mineralogy: from molecular to macro scale processes

27-8 Avataneo C.*, Tomatis M., Corazzari I., FraterrigoGarofalo S., Valsania M.C., Piana F., Compagnoni R. & Turci F. : New tools and analytical procedures for the evaluation of asbestos-related health risk in naturally occurring asbestos (NOA)-rich areas
27-9 Bardelli F., Belluso E., Capella S.*, Cedola A. & Brun F. : Combining synchrotron radiation phase-contrast and fluorescence tomography to reveal the morphology and elemental composition of asbestos bodies in human lungs
27-1 Cabassi J., Rimondi V.*, Baldini R.M., Nepi C., Pignotti L., Vaselli O. & Costagliola P. : Mercury emissions from Herbaria of the University of Florence Natural History Museum
27-10 Costagliola P.*, Rimondi V., Benvenuti M., Lattanzi P., Fagotti C., Marchetti G., Martinelli A., Mascelloni L., Paolieri M. & Sconocchia A. : New data on the presence and distribution of Hg in the Paglia-Tiber fluvial system
27-2 Di Benedetto F.*, Giaccherini A., Montegrossi G., Pardi L., Zoleo A., Capolupo F., Innocenti M., Lepore G., d’Acapito F., Capacci F., Poli C., Iaia T.E., Tarchi M., Buccianti A. & Romanelli M. : Spectroscopic analysis of the artificial stone powders: chemical causes for their cellular toxicity
27-3 Dore E.* & Frau F. : Fluoride removal from water by Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs)
27-11 FraterrigoGarofalo S.*, Cossio R., Albonico C., Zanella A. & Turci F. : XRPD quantification of naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) in Serpentinites: influence of ball milling on the diffrattometric response
27-4 Idini A.*, Dore E., Fancello D., Ghiglieri G. & Frau F. : From octacalcium phosphate (OCP) to fluorapatite, a new method for defluoridation of drinking water
27-12 Li Vigni L., Daskalopoulou K., Randazzo L., Kyriakopoulos K., Bellomo S., Brusca L., Calabrese S. & D’Alessandro W.* : Fumarolic alteration products of three hydrothermal areas of Greece: Chemical characterization and environmental impact
27-5 Medas D.*, Boi M.E., Bacchetta G., Cappai G., Carlomagno I., Casu M.A., De Giudici G., Gianoncelli A., Meneghini C., Piredda M., Podda F. & Porceddu M. : Mineral evolution at geosphere-biosphere interface: investigation on the endemic shrub Helichrysum microphyllum Cambess. subsp. tyrrhenicum Bacch., Brullo & Giusso growing in abandoned mining area
27-13 Pribil M., Rimondi V., Costagliola P.*, Lattanzi P. & Rutherford D. : Tracing mercury mobility and distribution in the Abbadia San Salvatore legacy mercury mine area using mercury isotope ratios and concentrations
27-6 Rimondi V.*, Costagliola P., Benesperi R., Benvenuti M., Beutel M.W., Buccianti, Chiarantini L. & Lattanzi P. : Heavy metals in barks: a protocol for sampling and analysis
27-7 Sabatino G.*, Caridi F., Belmusto G., Di Bella M., Italiano F., Leonetti F., Romano D. & Tripodo A. : Natural radioactivity measurements and radiological risk evaluation along the Calabrian coast (South Italy)

S28. Mineralogy, waste management and environmental pollution

28-7 Ambrosio F.A.*, Stoppa F. & Krasnova N.I. : Using RHA method for environmental problems: a case of study
28-15 Bloise A., Barrese E.*, Apollaro C., Fuoco I., Miriello D. & Vespasiano G. : Todorokite, Ranciéite and Birnessite from Serra D'Aiello (Southern-Italy): New mineralogical and geochemical data
28-9 Caricchi C.*, Winkler A., Macrì P., Nazzari M., Guidotti M., Owczarek M., Amoroso A., Di Giosa A. & Listrani S. : Biomonitoring of air pollution by magnetic measurements on native and transplanted lichens from area subjected to arsons in Rome, Italy
28-10 Caviglia C.*, Confalonieri G., Destefanis E., Mandrone G., Pastero L., Boero R. & Pavese A. : Chemical and mineralogical characterization of bottom ashes from a municipal solid waste incinerator in northern Italy, aimed at inertization and reuse
28-4 Consani S.*, Cutroneo L., Capello M., Dinelli E., Ianni M.C., Vagge G., Tolotti R., Mandich A., Reboa A. & Carbone C. : Dispersion of Cu and Zn in terrestrial and marine systems: impact on environmental quality and aquatic life
28-13 Conte S.*, Zanelli C., Soldati R., Molinari C. & Dondi M. : Glassy wastes as feldspar substitutes in porcelain stoneware bodies: effect on sintering behavior
28-3 Contessi S.*, Calgaro L., Dalconi M.C., Secco M., Ferrari G. & Artioli G. : The High Performance Solidification/Stabilization process: a case study of Pb immobilization through recycling of contaminated soil
28-16 Cuccuru S.*, Deroma M., Mameli P. & Oggiano G. : Karstic bauxite as low cost fluoride absorbent
28-1 Faccini B.*, Ferretti G., Coltorti M., Di Giuseppe D., Colombani N. & Mastrocicco M. : 3-Years effects of zeolitite amendment practice on nitrate leaching from an agricultural soil located in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (Ferrara Province, Italy)
28-2 Ferretti G.*, Keiblinger M.K., Faccini B., Galamini G., Zimmermann M., Di Giuseppe D., Colombani N., Mastrocicco M., ZechmeisterBoltenstern S., Mentler A. & Coltorti M. : Short-Term response of soil microbial biomass and gaseous emissions to different chabazite zeolitite amendments
28-12 Funari V.*, Gomes H.I., Mayes W.M., Rogerson M., Cappelletti M., Fedi S., Dinelli E. & Rovere M. : Bioleaching of alkaline wastes using mixed bacterial culture sourced from a natural system
28-11 Mantovani L.*, Funari V., Tribaudino M., Mazzari C. & Sabatino S. : Mineralogical characterization of MSWI bottom ash
28-17 Mantovani L.*, Funari V., Tribaudino M., Mazzari C., Sabatino S. Pizzati M. & Lucca A. : Chemical SEM-EDS maps and cathodoluminescence analyses as a possible method to characterize bottom ash
28-6 Masseroli A.*, Bollati I., Pelfini M. & Trombino L. : Reconstruction of geomorphic dynamics in slope affected by water driven processes: geopedological approach to two study cases in the western italian Alps
28-5 Molinari S.*, Salviulo G., Ianni C., Carbone C. & Canepa M. : The role of Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR) in groundwater pollution: The Ex-Stoppani site (Arenzano, Genova Italy)
28-18 Molinari S., Salviulo G.*, Carbone C. & Canepa M. : Chromite Ore Processing Residues (COPRs): Mineralogical characterisation, the case of Ex-Stoppani site (Arenzano, Genova Italy)
28-19 Pompilio L.*, Tangari A.C., Pepe M. & Marinangeli L. : Monitoring soil organic matter content in croplands through Vis-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy
28-20 Tangari A.C.*, Scarciglia F., Piluso E.,Marinangeli L. & Pompilio L. : Role of weathering of pillow basalt, pyroclastic input and geomorphic processes on the genesis of the Monte Cerviero upland soils (Calabria, Italy)
28-14 Tribaudino M.* : Bottom ashes as a sink for the anthropocene mineralogy
28-8 Winkler A.*, Sagnotti L., Macrì P. & Caricchi C. : Magnetic monitoring of PM at INGV: a summary of key results, perspectives and outreach activities

S29. Environmental pollution related to Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in serpentinites and other geo-matrices

29-11 Bloise A.* & Miriello D. : In situ multi-analytical approach for Identifying asbestos minerals
29-9 Bloise A.*, Apollaro C., Iannibelli A., Ricchiuti C., Fuoco I. & Punturo R. : Preliminary study of asbestos minerals in the area of Episcopia (Lucania, S-Italy)
29-12 Bloise A.*, Punturo R., Lanzafame G. & Vaccaro C. : X-ray tomographic microscopy study of serpentine veins in massive serpentinite
29-10 Bloise L.* & Calabrese E. : Ophiolitic rocks of the Timpa delle Murge-Timpa Pietrasasso in the Pollino GeoPark (southern Italy)
29-13 Boschi C.*, Baneschi I., Natali C., Dini A. & Guidi M. : Natural Cr(VI) contamination of Tuscan serpentinite-hosted spring waters 
29-4 Botta S.*, Compagnoni R., Cossio R., Piana F., Barale L., Marcelli I., Tallone S., Boerio V., Cipolli F. & Polattini S. : Serpentinites of the Sestri-Voltaggio, Palmaro-Caffarella and Voltri Units. Surface and drill core data from the “Gronda di Genova” highway by-pass
29-5 Daskalopoulou K., Calabrese S., Grassa F. & D’Alessandro W.* : Multiple origins of methane in fluids circulating in the Othrys ophiolite, central Greece
29-15 Dichicco M.C.*, Laurita S., Mongelli G., Rizzo G. & Sinisi R. : Environmental problems related to serpentinites in the Pollino Geopark (Southern Appennine)
29-14 Dichicco M.C.*, Castiñeiras P., Grassa F., Laurita S., Mongelli G., Paternoster M., Rizzo G. & Sinisi R. : Ophicarbonates from Mt. Pollino Massif (southern Apennines): a possible use for geological sequestration of CO2
29-16 Fornasaro S.*, Crispini L., Comodi P., Zucchini A., Gigli L. & Marescotti P. : Source and distribution of potentially toxic elements in serpentine soil profiles: a case study from the Voltri Massif (Liguria, Italy)
29-2 Fornasaro S.*, Malatesta C., Crispini L., Comodi P. & Marescotti P. : Concentrations and distribution of potentially toxic elements in ultramafic rocks from Ligurian ophiolites: influence of mineralogical, structural and textural features from different geological contexts
29-17 Fuoco I.*, Figoli A., Brozzo G., De Rosa R., Bloise A., Criscuoli A. & Apollaro C. : Geogenic chromium in natural waters interacting with serpentinite rocks: preliminary study on treating by nanofiltration membranes 
29-1 Giustetto R.*, Macaluso L., Berlier G., Ganjkhanlou Y. & Barale L. : An atypical occurrence of asbestiform sepiolite associated to aliphatic hydrocarbons from Sassello (Ligurian Apennines, Italy): mineral-petrographic characterization and possible hazards
29-18 Militello G.M.*, Gaggero L., Punturo R., Bloise A., Sanguineti E., Yus González A. & Lanzafame G. : Multi-instrumental investigations on asbestos minerals and their non-asbestiform analogues: inferences from host rock textural constraints
29-19 Olori A., Cannizzaro A., Angelosanto F., Bruno M.R.* & Campopiano A. : Preparation of tremolite samples for in vitro studies
29-20 Paternoster M.*, Deluca F., Dichicco M.C., Grassa F., Sinisi R., Summa V. & Mongelli G. : Occurrence of hexavalent chromium in groundwater in the northern sector of the Pollino massif, southern Italy
29-6 Punturo R.*, Ricchiuti C., Mengel K., Apollaro C., De Rosa R. & Bloise A. : Geochemical and mineralogical features of serpentinite-derived soils in southern Italy: prospect for hazardous exposure 
29-3 Rizzo M.*, Sardella A., Bonazza A. & Vaccaro C. : Degradation of mortars containing aggregate rich in serpentinites: the case of industrial brick masonry
29-7 Vaccaro C., Punturo R.*, Volpe L., Marrocchino E., Rizzo M., Ricchiuti C. & Mannino M. : Tremolite-bearing marbles from Namibia exploited as dimension stone: preliminary mineralogical and petrographic characterization
29-21 Vespasiano G.*, Muto F., De Rosa R., Bloise A., Fuoco I. & Apollaro C. : Geochemical and hydrogeological characterization of the metamorphic-serpentinitic aquifer of the Coreca area (Calabria, South Italy)
29-8 [SPONSOR AMETEK]Camescasse E.* : Latest results obtained in Geology and Petrology using High Resolution Mass Spectrometers and EPMA from Cameca-Nu Instruments

S30. Geosciences for Cultural Heritages

30-3 Barca D.* & Lucarini G. : The provenance of the obsidian artefacts from the Middle Kingdom harbour of Mersa Gawasis, Red Sea, Egypt
30-24 Barone G., Finocchiaro C.*, Mazzoleni P., Leonelli C. & Sgarlata C. : Potentiality of ghiara as geopolymer raw material and its application in Cultural Heritage
30-7 Barone G., Mazzoleni P.*, Raneri S. & Spagnolo G. : Artificial Neural Network for the provenance study of archaeological potteries using clay sediment database
30-26 Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Corsale V.*, Manenti A.M., Mastelloni M.A. & Musumeci M. : Non destructive XRF analysis of Egyptian and Egyptian style amulets coming from Sicilian archaeological sites
30-25 Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Militello P. & Sferrazza P.* : Portable XRF analysis for the study of Sicilian flint archaeological tools
30-12 Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Raneri S. & Santostefano A.* : Sicilian and Southern-Italian red-figure potteries: a provenance study on findings from Gela by portable X-ray fluorescence
30-2 Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Raneri S., Fugazzotto M. & Russo A. : Non-destructive chemical and mineralogical analysis of Etruscan Painted Architectural Slabs
30-27 Bonomo A.E.*, Munnecke A., Koch R., Prosser G. & Rizzo G. : Microfacies analyses applied to building stones: the Pleistocene Gravina Calcarenite (Matera, southern Italy)
30-28 Casagranda M., Martucci A., Bonadiman C., Rodeghero E.*, Vaccaro C., Pepi S. & Langone A. : Characterization of colorless topaz samples from Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Gilgit- Baltistan (Pakistan): a multi technical approach to highlight the different chemical and structural features
30-29 Cernaro A. & Fiandaca O.* : The informative exchange between documentary researches and instrumental investigations: an application for the protection of the graffiti plasters in Messina
30-1 Chiari G.* & MartinRamos J.D. : SmART_scan procedure: an alternative to XRF-scanners?
30-16 Coccato A.*, Mantovani L., Ferrari R., Bersani D., Tribaudino M. & Lottici P.P. : The Deposition from the Cross in the Church of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France): a masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture? Materials characterization to solve a 20th c. mystery
30-6 Columbu S.*, Gabbrielli F., Giamello M., Mugnaini S. & Scala A. : Mineralogical-compositional variations in the production technologies of mortars used in some Italian medieval fortifications located in different territorial and historical contexts
30-14 Conte S.* & Arletti R. : Iron age black glass from Italy and Slovakia: technological evolution of early natron glass vs wood ash technology
30-30 de Ferri L.*, Catinoto M., Tesser E., Antonelli F. & Pojana G. : Application of vibrational spectroscopy and X-Ray Diffraction to the study of building materials from the Exedra of S. Nicolò l’Arena in Catania (Italy)
30-31 De Francesco A.M.*, Scarpelli R., Conte M. & Toniolo L. : Characterization of Roman glass from Casa Bacco deposit at Pompeii
30-20 De Luca R., Chiarelli N., Bloise A., de Nittis V. & Miriello D.* : Geochemical, mineralogical and petrographic study of the natural and artificial stone materials from the Monasterace Castle (Calabria- Southern Italy)
30-32 Delle Rose M., Orefici G., Capuano N., Galassi G., Mattioli M., Santini S., Spada G. & Renzulli A.* : The decline of the Nasca culture (Peru) as the result of an increasing environmental stress: overcoming the paradigm formulated at Cahuachi of catastrophic mega-floods due to El Niño-Southern Oscillation
30-33 Delluniversità E., Eramo G.*, Allegretta I., Muntoni I.M. & Tarantini M. : Compositional fingerprints of primary and secondary chert sources in Northern Apulia
30-34 Di Bella M., Giuliano A., Italiano F., Leonetti F., Quartieri S., Romano D., Tripodo A. & Sabatino G.* : New data on the vitreous inlay of the “Marmi Mischi” baroque decorations from the Messina regional museum (Sicily, Italy)
30-35 Fioretti G.* : Archaeometric studies on the wall paintings of the St. Maria Veterana archaeological site in Triggiano (Bari, Italy)
30-19 Gambino F.*, Ricci C., Nervo M., Piccirillo A., Scarcella A., Appolonia L., Borghi A. & PozoAntonio J.S. : Conservation and maintenance of the ornamental stones in the city of Torino: focus on graffiti vandalism
30-36 Germinario C.*, Guarino V., De Bonis A., Grifa C., Marazzi M., Pepe C. & Morra V. : The Mediterranean trading centre of Vivara (southern Italy): new insights on the production and circulation of pottery during the Bronze Age (XVI –XV century B.C.)
30-18 Giamello M.*, Mugnaini S., Scala A., Terrosi A., Arrighi S., Boschin F., Crezzini J. & Bagnoli A. : Multi-analytical study of the triptych by Tino di Camaino of the Monte dei Paschi Bank collection in Siena (Italy)
30-4 Giarrusso R., Montana G.*, Mulone A. & Randazzo L. : Historic mortar recipes at Palermo from the roman age up to the late modern period: knowledge for local restoration practice
30-17 La Russa M.F., Ruffolo S. A., Ricca M., Davidde B., Rovella N., Randazzo L., Bruno F., Aquino M. & Crisci G.M. : The role of Geoscience in the diagnostic, conservation and valorization of underwater cultural heritage: examples of National and European projects
30-37 Lattao V., Eftekhari N.* & Vaccaro C. : Petrographic study of the Bronze Age ceramics from Shahr-I Sokhta in east of Iran
30-11 Manca R.*, Tartaglia E., Ruberto C., Marini M., Chiarantini L., Taccetti F., Mandò P.A. & Benvenuti M. : Authentication study of majolicas from the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence (Italy): the contribution of archaeometric analysis
30-8 Mancini S.*, Bellatreccia F. & Iezzi G. : Maiki Survey Project: archaeometrical analysis of pottery production in the Kurdistan Region 
30-9 Maritan L.*, Antonelli F., Ganzarolli G., Chavarria Arnau A., Lazzarini L., Mazzoli C. & Rigo M. : Tempering with white marbles: implications on the provenance and production technology of ancient pottery
30-38 Maritan L.*, Nodari L., Olivieri L. & Vidale M. : Northern Black Polished (NBP) Ware from Barikot (north-western Pakistan): an archaeometric study
30-39 Mastelloni M.A.*, Sabatino G., Di Bella M., Italiano F., Barone G. & Mazzoleni P. : Shape and matter – Clay, terracottas and polychrome vascular paintings in Lipari (2nd half of the 4th cent. BC)
30-40 Montana G.*, Randazzo L., De Vincenzo S. & Blasetti Fantauzzi C. : Archaeometric characterization of Late Archaic ceramic from Erice (Sicily) aimed to provenance determination
30-10 Morra V., Arienzo I., D’Antonio M., De Bonis A., Germinario C.*, Grifa C., Guarino V. & Langella A. : Raw materials for ancient ceramic productions from Campania region: provenance studies by means of Sr-Nd isotopes
30-41 Pecci A.*, Reynolds P., Mileto S, Bernal Casasola D. & Vargas Girón J.M. : Preliminary study of ovoid Baetican amphorae found in Gades (El Olivillo, Cádiz)
30-15 Raffiotta S.*, Caliri C., Gueli A. & Pasquale S. : Blonde with blue eyes? The colours of Morgantina goddesses
30-42 Ricolfi E., Scrivano S.*, Gaggero L., Capelli C. & Decri A. : Archaeometric and archaeological characterization of Medieval and post-Medieval tiles from S. Francesco's church, Savona (Italy)
30-5 Rispoli C.*, Di Benedetto C., De Bonis A., Esposito R., Graziano S.F., Morra V. & Cappelletti P. : The ancient pozzolanic mortars of the Thermal Complex of Baia (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
30-21 Salvini S.*, Mazzoli C., Massironi M., Pozzobon R., Bertoncello R. & Maritan L. : Accelerated ageing tests on carbonate stones and assessment of their recession rate
30-43 Santi P.*, Veneri F., Tonelli G., Renzulli A., Peroni L., Antonelli F. & Tramontana M. : Petro-physical characterization of sandstones used in the buildings of the UNESCO World Heritage Historic Centre of Urbino (Marche, Italy)
30-44 Santi P., Tramontana M., Tonelli G., Bellagamba M. & Veneri F.* : Characterization of the building materials in the historic centre of Urbino (Marche, Italy): an alternative perspective for the fruition of the Cultural Heritage
30-22 Scrivano S.* & Gaggero L. : Mineralogy and pore space a key to salt weathering
30-45 Silvestri A.* & Maltoni S. : Investigating a Byzantine technology: experimental replicas of Ca-phosphate opacified glass
30-46 Taelman D.* & Antonelli F. : Marble Decoration of the Roman Theatre of Urbino (IT): A Multi-Method Provenance Approach
30-47 Taranto M., Barba L., Blancas J., Bloise A., Cappa M., Chiaravalloti F., Crisci G.M., Cura M., De Angelis D., De Luca R., Pecci A. & Miriello D.* : The Bricks of Hagia Sophia: compositional study and archaeometric consideration
30-13 Tesser E., Verità M., Saguì L., Lazzarini L. & Antonelli F.* : Glassin imitation of exotic marbles. An analytical investigation of Roman opus sectile tessera from Gorga collection
30-48 VicoTriguero L.*, MartínPeinado F., Gámiz Caro J., GarcíaGarcía A., AlarcónGarcía E., MorenoOnorato A., Arboledas Martínez L., ContrerasCortés F., Barone G., Mazzoleni P. & Finocchiaro C. : Proposal for the study of ceramic production in the Argar. The case of the settlement of Peñalosa (Baños de la Encina, Jaén)
30-23 [SPONSOR BRUKER]  De Boever W.* : Getting the inside story - micro-computed tomography for geosciences and cultural heritage applications
30-49 [SPONSOR MALVERN PANALYTICAL] Witzke T., Norberg N., Sommariva M. & Casini E.* : Mineralogical study of a pair of Bronze Age plaques from the Erlitou culture, China


S31. Mining sites: from industrial heritage to cultural heritage

31-1 Agus T., Cadoni E., Loru P., Pignatelli C., Rizzo R.* & Sernagiotto S. : The Abandoned Great Montevecchio Mine: From Industrial Heritage to Cultural Heritage
31-7 Carta R.*, Dacquino C., Di Leginio M., Fumanti F., Lettieri M., Lucarini M., Martarelli L., Patanè A., Pompili R., Serra M. & Vittori E. : The National Solid Georesources database (GEMMA) at the Geological Survey of Italy
31-9 Caruso C., Dominici R.*, Furfaro C. Marra A.C. & Sonnino M. : Lignite mines in Agnana Calabra area (ionian Calabria, Southern Italy). Protection and enhancement of the Mine-Geopark by means of new digital technologies
31-10 Cassarino G.* : Streppenosa mine: from geological singularity to geotourism opportunity
31-3 Guideri S. & Brocchini D.* : Archeological Mines Park of San Silvestro (Tuscany) – Protection, valorisation and management of a mining landscape, practices and future plans
31-4 Lombardo G.*, Agnello E. & Agnello P. : The mining area of ​​Comitini (near to Agrigento) and the "Solfara Sale" system: contribution to knowledge for the tourist-cultural recovery of a disused mining site
31-11 Lucchi G., Tosatti G. & Boaretto M.* : An educational path inside a mine to rediscover the history, the tools and the techniques for mining fluorite in the Prestavèl mine (Trento Province, Italy)
31-12 Odetto G. & Vignono L.* : The new value drivers to enhance abandoned mining sites: empirical evidence from the highest mining site in Italy
31-2 Pellitteri G.* : Projects for the " Mine-museum " in the Cozzo-Disi dismissed site
31-6 Pratesi G.* & Patané A. : The mining sites of historical or ethno-anthropological interest: a proposal for their cataloguing
31-13 Rizzo R.*, Sanciu L. & Sernagiotto S. : From mining to cultural and touristic resource of the territory. Examples of the Monte Arci area in the geological mining historical and environmental Sardinia Unesco global geopark
31-14 Rossi F.G.*, Schirone B. & Madonna S. : An alternative kind of re-vegetation. Feasibility of environmental restoration on a depleted mining site
31-15 Rossi F.P.*, Madonna S. & Milli S. : From quarrying site to geosite: a review on a possible approach to project an open-air museum as a key to preserve geological data
31-5 Savoca D., Sbrilli L. & Patane A.* : Italian National Parks and Mine Museums network. Re.Mi. ISPRA. Legislation draft N. 4566 date 26-06-2017
31-8 Serra M.* : Mine waste management and related problems

S32. Cave and karst studies: from ancient to modern processes

32-16 Berra F.*, Faio F., Baio S., Riva F. & Tognini P. : Morphology and speleothems of a cave developed in an antiformal stack of Triassic carbonates (“5 in condotta” cave, Southern Alps of Italy)
32-9 Branca F.*, De Guidi G., Maniscalco R. & Sturiale G. : A geomorphologic study of epikarstic morphologies in the RNI Grotta Palombara (Hyblean Plateau) by GNSS: what controls the distribution of sinkholes?
32-17 Capella W. & Columbu A.* : Proposal to investigate potential Atlantic-Mediterranean connection through karst conduits during the Messinian Salinity Crisis
32-6 Carbone C.*, Balestra V. & De Waele J. : Secondary minerals in minothem environments
32-4 Columbu A.*, Chiarini V., De Waele J., Spötl C., Luetscher M. & Hellstrom J. : Last glaciation 70 kyrs-long stalagmite palaeoclimate record from Southern Italy: implication for Mediterranean climate during glacial shifts
32-1 D’Angeli I.M.*, Arriolabengoa M., De Waele J., Madonia G., Di Maggio C., Vattano M. & Parise M. : Flank margin caves as signatures for past sea level fluctuations in Apulia and Sicily (Southern Italy)
32-15 D’Angeli I.M.*, Cappelletti M., Ghezzi D., Leuko S., Parise M., Fiorucci A., Vigna B., Miller A.Z., Jurado V., SaizJimenez C. & De Waele J. : Geochemical and microbial characterization of a sulfidic cave in Santa Cesarea Terme, Italy
32-10 De Salve F., Casaluci A., D’Aquino S., Marchetti M., Martellotta M., Martonucci M., Selleri G. & Parise M.* : A natural geological section in southern Apulia, Italy: Vora Bosco, the deepest cave of Salento
32-12 Liso I.S.*, Masciopinto C., Parise M. & Vurro M. : Deep water in Apulia Region: monitoring and exploration in the karst environment of “Inghiottitoio di Masseria Rotolo”
32-7 Merlak E.* : A review of the issue “karst-bauxites” in Istria and Northern Dalmatia (Adriatic Carbonate Platform) – a new scientific paradigm and new challenge in the study of karst lands
32-5 Miragoli M.* : How Big is a Cave?
32-14 Nannoni A.*, Antonellini M. & Vigna B. : Structural control on water circulation in the Bossea karst system (S Piedmont, Italy)
32-11 Nannoni A.*, Vigna B., Fiorucci A. & De Waele J. : The November 2016 flood event in the Bossea cave system, Southern Piedmont (Italy)
32-2 Presti R., Madonia G.*, Vattano M., D’Angeli I.M., De Waele J., Monteleone S. & Di Maggio C. : Speleogenesis of Grotta della Molara cave (north-west Sicily)
32-8 Ruggieri R.*, Bambina A. & Messina Panfalone D. : Karst features of the Favignana island (Sicily)
32-18 Sanna L.* : Environmental characterization of Sardinia show-caves: first approach for a LCA study
32-13 Sanna L.* : Groundwater geochemistry of the Sisine coastal karst system (Central-East Sardinia, Italy)
32-19 Sanna L., Cupertino R., Lovergine F.P., Romanazzi R., Tartarelli M., Visparelli De Girolamo R. & Parise M.* : Preliminary data on CO2 monitoring in the Murge (Apulia, S Italy)
32-20 Sauro F., Cappelletti M., Ghezzi D., Columbu A.*, Hong P.Y., Mamoon Zowawi H., Carbone C., Piccini L., Vergara F., Zannoni D. & De Waele J. : Biomediated SiO2 mobilization and deposition of amorphous silica speleothems in non-thermal subsurface environments
32-3 Vaccher V.*, Furlani S., Biolchi S., Busetti A., Venturini E. & Antonioli F. : Semi-submerged sea caves in the central Mediterranean sea: the Geoswim database

S33. The contribute of Hydrogeology and Geochemistry in the study and management of the water resources

33-1 Barberio M.D.*, Barbieri M., Billi A., Boschetti T., Doglioni C., Franchini S. & Petitta M. : Hydrogeochemical anomalies before the 2016 Mw 6.0 and 6.5 earthquakes in Italy: new data and possible relationship with deep CO2 influx
33-17 Beddini G.*, Cardellini C., Frondini F., Valigi D., De Giorgi F., Cambi C., Mirabella F., Caliro S. & Chiodini G. : Geochemical groundwater modifications connect to central Italy earthquake of 2016: Torbidone case (Norcia plain, Italy)
33-13 Biddau R.*, Cidu R. & Da Pelo S. : From acid-rock drainage to acid-mine drainage: extreme contamination in waters at the Furtei Au-mine (Sardinia, Italy)
33-3 Bonat M.*, Mastrorillo L., Mazza R. & Viaroli S. : Hydraulic connection between fractured and porous aquifers in glacial valleys
33-12 Canora F.*, Panariello S. & Sdao F. : Hydrogeological setting and groundwater hydrochemical characteristics of the Lauria Mounts northern sector (southern Italy)
33-11 Coda S.*, Tessitore S., Calcaterra D., De Vita P., Di Martire D. & Allocca V. : Effects of groundwater rebound in the metropolitan area of Naples (southern Italy)
33-18 Corniello A.*, Del Gaudio E., Ducci D. & Stellato L. : Hydrogeochemical and isotopic studies of the middle Valley of Volturno River (Campania Region)
33-19 Cuiuli E.* : Quantitative hydrogeology of the shallow aquifer of S. Eufemia Lamezia plain for the management and protection of water resources (central Calabria) - Preliminary results 
33-20 Cuiuli E.*, Costabile A., Migliorino C. & Reillo O. : The integrated vulnerability map of S. E. Lamezia plain (Calabria) as a qualitative assessment tool to support territorial development
33-2 De Giorgi F.*, Banzato F., Beddini G., Caliro S., Cambi C., Cardellini C., Fronzi D., Mastrorillo L., Mirabella F., Nanni T., Ottaviani L., Petitta M., Renghi D. Tazioli A. & Valigi D. : Hydrogeological effects of the 2016 earthquake on the groundwater circulation of the Norcia area
33-6 Di Curzio D.*, Castrignanò A., Rusi S. & Signanini P. : New insights on advanced redox zonation of aquifers using multivariate geostatistics: the San Pedro Sula case study
33-4 Fiorillo F.*, Esposito L., Testa G., Ciarcia S. & Pagnozzi M. : Hydrogeological and Hydraulic Features of  Upwelling Flux Feeding Karst Springs
33-21 Fuoco I.*, Figoli A., Criscuoli A., De Rosa R., Gabriele B., Mancuso R., Vespasiano G. & Apollaro C. : Treatment of arsenic contaminated groundwater: a case study in the south of Sila Massif (Calabria, Italy).
33-14 Gozzi C.*, Filzmoser P., Vaselli O. & Buccianti A. : New statistical methods for the geochemical characterization of surface waters: the Tiber River basin case study
33-22 Grassa F.* : Stable isotopes (H, B, C and O) and chemical evidence of deep-seated fluids in the waters emitted from “Macalube di Aragona” mud volcanoes (Sicily, Italy)
33-23 La Vigna F.*, Bonfà I., Martelli S. & Ticconi L. : The benefits coming from groundwater monitoring in urban areas, the case of Rome
33-24 Magi F.*, Capecchiacci F., Venturi S., Pandeli E., Tassi F. & Vaselli O. : The acidic waters in Italy: a brief overview
33-7 Mastrorillo L.*, Mazza R. & Viaroli S. : Recharge process of a dune aquifer in the roman coast
33-8 Oberto G.*, Colombo L., Alberti L. & Castelletti A. : Assessing long-term projected impacts of climate change and socio-economic factors on regional groundwater system:  Adda-Ticino basin case study
33-5 Pagnozzi M.* & Fiorillo F. : Similarities and differences on recharge phenomena between some karst systems of southern Apennines (Italy)
33-25 Pierozzi A.*, Huertas A.D., Granados Torres A., Nisi B. & Vaselli O. : Geochemical and isotopic survey of the surface waters from the Arno River Basin (central Italy): new insights on the sources of the N-bearing species by using nitrogen and oxygen isotopes
33-15 Sauro Graziano R.*, Buccianti A. & Vaselli O. : Graphical-numerical methods to investigate geochemical variability in natural waters under CoDA (Compositional Data Analysis)
33-10 Sellerino M., Forte G.* & Ducci D. : Assessment of natural background levels coupled with statistical analysis to identify homogeneous hydrochemical areas in a volcanic groundwater body.
33-26 Semeraro R.*, Di Curzio D. & Rusi S. : Multi-scenario groundwater numerical modeling of the Popoli Gorges complex aquifer (Central Italy)
33-9 Stevenazzi S.*, Masetti M., Camera C., Tiepolo M. & Ferrari E.S. : Impacts of nitrogen depositions on groundwater systems in northern Italy
33-16 Sunkari E.D.*, Zango M.S. & Korboe H.M. : Geogenic sources of fluoride contamination in groundwaters of Northeastern Ghana: Bongo district in perspective
33-27 Tamburini A.* & Menichetti M. : Groundwater Circulation in Karst Aquifers of the Umbria-Marche Apennines

S34. Monitoring of deformation of structures and ground surface displacements

34-9 Argentieri A.*, Esposito C., Fabiani M., Marmoni G.M., Piro M., Rotella G., Scarascia Mugnozza G. & Vitali P. : The “Franarisk” project in Rome metropolitan area: a tool for land planning and management and for preliminary risk assessment of infrastructures and buildings
34-6 Argento G.R.*, Argentieri A., Cecere V., Esposito G., Gabriele S., Mari A.M., Naso G., Orsini G., Perniola B., Piro M. & Spina D. : Risk prevision and prevention in Rome metropolitan area: the “IOPS project” for school buildings
34-10 Bonì R.*, Meisina C., Teatini P., Herrera G., Zucca F., Zoccarato C., Franceschini A., Ezquerro P. & BéjarPizarro M. : Measures of ground deformation obtained using satellite sensors to characterize the aquifer-system properties of the Madrid Aquifer-system (Spain)
34-11 Cianflone G.*, Vespasiano G., Apollaro C., Bloise A., Fuoco I., Cipriani M., Tolomei C., Brunori C.A. & Dominici R. : Ground deformation related to the old Lungro Salt Mine: a multidisciplinary approach
34-7 De Guidi G., Lupo M.*, Brighenti F., Carnemolla F. & Messina D. : Mud volcano in Santa Barbara village (Caltanissetta, Sicily) - an "open air" morphometry laboratory. Relationship between vertical deformations and evolution of the hydrographic network
34-12 Giustini F., Ciotoli G.*, Ruggiero L., Voltaggio M., Sciarra A., Sirianni P. & Bigi S. : GIS-based interpolation methods for spatial assessment of Geogenic Radon Potential
34-13 Mureddu A.* : Remapping of hydrogeological risk areas in regional planning: execution of direct and indirect geognostic surveys, monitoring and updating of maps - Locality of Ceramica - Iglesias - SW Sardinia - Italy
34-2 Pappalardo G., Mineo S.*, Di Martire D. & Calcaterra D. : An innovative approach to study complex landslides through InfraRed Thermography and DInSAR
34-4 Roccheggiani M.*, Tamburini A., Tirincanti E. & Menichetti M. : Sentinel-1 InSAR data for semi-automatic detection of coseismic ruptures: the 2016 Central Italy earthquake sequence case study.
34-1 Ruzza G.*, Guerriero L., Guadagno F.M. & Revellino P. : Low-cost MEMS accelerometers for tilt measurement: thermal compensation and accuracy assessment
34-5 Santangelo N.*, De Falco M., Forte G. & Santo A. : A case study of flash flood magnitude evaluation in Southern Apennines
34-3 Santo A., De Falco M. & Forte G.* : Monitoring slope deformations in the complex Senerchia earthflow by traditional and UAV surveys
34-14 Schicchi D., Argentieri A.*, Brancaleoni F., Di Biagio C., Maggi T., Orsini G., Perniola B., Piro M., Rizzo M., Ruggeri A. & Santi L. : Risk mitigation plan for transportation civil infrastructures in Rome Metropolitan Area
34-8 Sternai P.* : Present-day surface uplift of the European Alps: mechanisms, relative contributions and implications for hazards
34-15 Sulli A., Martorana R., Capizzi P.*, Gasparo Morticelli M., Carollo A. & Patanè D. : Multidisciplinary investigations to characterize a shallow fault zone in the Bellolampo landfill (Palermo, Italy)

S35. Landslides: monitoring, hazard and impact on society and cultural heritage

35-9 Bonasera M.*, Fubelli G., Lanteri L., Bresci V., Scomegna C. & Tiranti D. : Evaluation of triggering factors and thresholds of large landslides in alpine environment
35-10 Cafiso F. & Cappadonia C.* : Landslide inventory and rockfall risk assessment of the Monte Pellegrino Oriented Nature Reserve area (Sicily)
35-1 Confuorto P.*, Di Martire D., Danzi M., Vicario E.I., Mazzoli S., Tavani S. & Calcaterra D. : Preliminary stability assessment of the rocky cliffs of the archaeological site of Crapolla (Amalfi coast, Southern Italy) through UAV photogrammetry
35-2 Dei Cas L.*, Pastore M.L. & Rivolta C. : The geological monitoring of a rock wall and the activity for the safety and protection of human life and of cultural heritage
35-3 Di Martire D.*, Confuorto P., Frezza A., Calcaterra D. & Ramondini M. : Satellite-based monitoring of ground deformations in the city of Cuenca (Ecuador)
35-4 Guerriero L.*, Bertello L., Cardozo N., Berti M., Grelle G. & Revellino P. : Insights into clay-landslide movement propagation and slide-to-flow transition from sediment discharge calculation and field observations, Mount Pizzuto, southern Italy
35-5 Mineo S.* & Pappalardo G. : Qualitative and quantitative approaches to estimate rockfall hazard and risk
35-11 Pappalardo G., Mineo S.*, Imposa S., Barbano M.S. & Grassi S. : Relict landslide detection at the cultural heritage site of Abakainon necropolis (NE Sicily)
35-6 Poueme Djueyep G.*, Esposito C., Schilirò L. & Bozzano F. : The potential of deterministic and probabilistic physically based approaches on the prediction of rainfall-induced shallow landslide: an application from slope to catchment scale in the city of Rome
35-7 Rossini M.*, Evdokimov A., Panigada C., Colombo R., Frattini P. & Crosta G.B. : Remotely-sensed optical indicators of vegetation dynamics for landslide monitoring
35-8 Schilirò L.*, Poueme Djueyep G., Esposito C. & Scarascia Mugnozza G. : Insights on the role of initial soil conditions in shallow landslide triggering: a physically-based approach from laboratory to slope scale
35-12 Sepe C., Di Martire D., Confuorto P.*, Di Napoli M., Pappalardo L. & Calcaterra D. : X-ray microtomographic investigation for the engineering-geological characterization of landslide-prone pyroclastic deposits in the peri-Vesuvian area (Campania region, Italy)

S36. Landscape and Landforms: geoheritage in urban and natural areas

36-9 Agnesi V., Cappadonia C., Agate M., Di Maggio C.* : Geomorphological map of the urban area of Palermo (Italy)
36-10 Bollati I., Coratza P., Panizza V. & Pelfini M.* : Mapping Geoheritage on the Official Italian Geomorphological Maps: a Proposal From the Italian Scientific Community
36-11 Burlando M., Faccini F.*, Paliaga G., Poggi E. & Poggi F. : Geosites and geological landscape map of Liguria (Italy)
36-1 Catalano S.*, Pavano F., Romagnoli G. & Tortorici G. : Geological and morphological features of the landscape of Catania (eastern Sicily)
36-12 Console F.*, Fabiani M., Giovagnoli M.C., Mancinella D., Rotella G. & Testardi M. : Geological memory sites in the Latium region: a new pilot project
36-13 Diella V.*, Pezzotta F., Bocchio R., Marinoni N. & Langone A. : The gem-quality tourmaline occurring in the Adamello Park natural reservation, Central Southern Alps, Italy
36-2 Faccini F.*, Paliaga G., Piana P. & Brandolini P. : Genoa ‘the Superba’ old city - Unesco World site - geomorphological heritage
36-14 Faccini F., Giardino M., Paliaga G., Perotti L. & Brandolini P.* : Urban geomorphology of Genoa old city (Italy)
36-7 Foresta Martin F.* & Furlani S. : Interplay between topography and geomorphology with prehistoric settlements: the case study of Ustica island
36-5 Liucci L.*, Bianchini G., Fanò L., Melelli L., Nazzareni S., Perugini D. & Vercillo F. : HUSH (Hiking in Urban Scientific Heritage): Augmented Reality as a tool to explore the geological and naturalistic richness of urban areas. An example from Perugia
36-8 Luberti G.M.* & Del Monte M. : Geological risk evaluation and anthropogenic deposits in Rome (Italy): potentialities from an interdisciplinary approach
36-4 Lugeri F.R.* & Farabollini P. : Landscape: a neglected ace in the hole
36-15 Melelli L.* & Nazzareni S. : The "Perugia Upside Down": an exhibition to promote the Urban Landscape
36-6 Sabato L.* : Following Carlo Levi: a geological itinerary within the "Matera-Basilicata 2019, European Capital of Culture" Events
36-16 Stamatopoulos L.* & Alevizos G. : Peri-urban areas, morphological evolution and hazards: The case of Rio city, Northern Peloponnese, Greece
36-3 Stamatopoulos L.* & Alevizos G. : Morphological evolution of the urban landscape of the city of Patras and possible natural hazards
36-17 Vigliotti M.*, Autiero M., Dell’Aversana L. & Ruberti D. : Anthropogenic tuff cavites in the southern metropolitan area of Caserta (southern Italy): hazard evaluation vs. Enhancement of the territory

S37. Geoparks and geosites: tools for knowledge and protection of geological heritage

37-9 Amore E., Branca F., Cirrincione R., Costanzo S.*, Di Stefano A. & Sturiale G. : The relationships between Geosites and nature reserves: The case history of the Karsts systems managed by Cutgana (University of Catania)
37-2 Boscaino G.*, Patacca E., Agostini S., Garzarella A. & Liberatoscioli E. : Majella National Park international geosites: identification, list and challenges for conservation
37-3 Carbone S.* & Pistorio A. : The world geosites of Sicily: the state of art
37-10 Caruso C., Dominici R.*, La Rosa S., Santagati S., Sonnino M. & Tralongo S. : The Aspromonte GeoPark (Calabria, Southern Italy). Enhancement and popularization of geosites by means of new digital technologies
37-11 Cirrincione R., Fiannacca P. & Tranchina A.* : The Triassic sill of “Contrada Vignale” (Rocca di Cerere Geopark, Enna, southern Italy)
37-12 Costanzo S.*, Cirrincione R., Signorello G. & Sturiale G. : First results from Evaluationof the Carrying Capacity of the Monello cave
37-4 Giammanco S.*, Carbone S. & Pistorio A. : The peculiar features of the "System of the Salinelle of Mt. Etna" Geosite (East Sicily, Italy)
37-13 Grieco G., Lotti P., Milani D., Aldighieri A., Bussolesi M. & Marescotti P.* : The Cortabbio-Primaluna barite mine (Valsassina, Lc): emotion, experience and disability
37-5 Ortolano G., Palermiti A.S.*, Santagati S., Tralongo S. & Cirrincione R. : The contribution of the " Environmental Interpretation" to the communication and scientific divulgation of the Geological Heritage: the case of the Aspromonte Geopark Project
37-6 Petti F.M.*, Petruzzelli M., Conti J., Spalluto L., Wagensommer A., Bernardi M., Tomasoni R., Antonelli M., Sacco E., Pignatti J., Sabato L. & Tropeano M. : The use of aerial and close-range photogrammetry to study dinosaur tracksites both at the meso- and macro-scale: the cases of the Lavini di Marco (Lower Jurassic, Hettangian – Trentino Alto-Adige) and Molfetta (Lower Cretaceous, Aptian-Albian - Apulia) tracksites
37-14 Punturo R.*, Cirrincione R., Caffo S., Visalli R. & Ferlito C. : Geoscience and education: Proposal of a geo-trail at the Etna Volcano
37-15 Rizzo M.*, Semenza F. & Bezzi V. : Geopark in Ferrara: a way to promote geological knowledge
37-16 Scarsi M.*, Crispini L., Federico L., Spagnolo C. & Capponi G. : The digital geological map of a treasure chest of geodiversity: the Lavagnina Lakes area (Alessandria, Italy)
37-17 Sturiale G.*, Maniscalco R. & Punturo R. : The proposed Geosite “Loddiero Valley” on the Northern sector of the Hyblean Plateau (Scordia, SE Sicily)
37-7 Tropeano M.* : "Sassi", the old town of Matera in southern Italy: a potential urban geopark in the European Capital of Culture 2019
37-8 Valente E.*, Guida D., Santangelo N. & Santo A. : Geo-itineraries in the Cilento-Vallo di Diano-Alburni Geopark (southern Apennines): a trip in the karst complex of Caselle in Pittari (Salerno)
37-1 [SPONSOR GLOBALMAP] Bonomo A.* & Persico A. : Il primo plastico geologico d’Italia (per geologi e non geologi)

S38. History of geosciences and Geoethics: the right way for social responsibility

38-9 Alimenti S. & Lupi R.* : Policy, economy and geosciences in the debate about Fucino and Trasimeno lakes (1780-1870 ca.)
38-7 Barale L., Fioraso G. & Mosca P.* : The role of geological studies in large infrastructural projects in the 19th century - some examples from NW Italy
38-8 Boscaino G.* & Boscaino M. : The geology between past and present: cultural heritage and the current social value of geosciences. The tragedy of the Rigopiano Hotel
38-5 Branca S.* & Abate T. : The hypotheses of Jean Hoüel (1735-1813) on the formation of Etna. The evolutionary model of the volcano in the representation of the CXIX planche
38-10 Cubellis E.*, Luongo G. & Obrizzo F. : Sciences of Laws and Sciences of Processes for  Earth Science
38-11 De Caterini G.* & Radogna P.V. : Critique of Practical Geology
38-12 Di Cencio A.*, Mori G., Casati S. & Nardi M. : Paleontherapy - the new method in field of medical geology for the therapy of young disturbances
38-4 Foresta Martin F.* : Marcello Carapezza (1925-1987), Scientist and Humanist
38-3 Hamilton M.* : The research of the western Tauern window between 1894 and 1898 in the documents of the mineralogist and petrographer Friedrich Becke. A project of the “Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften“.
38-2 Macini P.* : Well construction and underground fluids in pre-industrial ages: Scientific observations, ethical speculation and medical contributions of Bernardino Ramazzini on the health and safety of Putearii (water well diggers)
38-13 Pantaloni M.*, Console F. & Motti A. : The “rebirth” of the Torbidone River (Norcia Plain, Umbria): a historic and geoethic approach
38-14 Pinarelli L., Piccardi L. & Montanari D.* : The social value of geological knowledge in the supernatural narratives of the ancient world: some case studies
38-1 Romano M.* : Inventor, Engineer and Earth Scientist in a single brushstroke: Leonardo da Vinci and the earliest conception of sustainable land management on a constantly changing Planet
38-15 Sudiro P.* : The Expanding Earth: a disproved scientific hypothesis surviving its falsification
38-6 Vaccari E.* : The role of the institutions for the birth of the professional geologist between the 18th and the 20th century

S39. Fifty years after the Belice's Earthquake. Considerations on geological, geophysical, geochemical, territorial and social aspects of this earthquake and its heritage in the connections between the Italian society and seismic catastrophes

39-3 Azzaro R.*, Camassi R., Cascone M. & Amantia A. : The 1968 earthquakes and the ghost towns in the Belìce valley (western Sicily): a stage of the virtual seismic itinerary through Italy
39-1 Azzaro R.*, Barbano M.S., Camassi R., Pirrotta C. & Tertulliani A. : A reappraisal of the 1968 Belìce valley seismic sequence: a case study of intensity assessment with cumulated damage effects
39-9 Bellomo V., Di Maggio C., Fiammingo V., Madonia G.*, Monteleone S. & Vattano M. : Morphotectonic evolution of the area affected by the 1968 Belice earthquake sequence, Southern Italy
39-10 Bottari C.*, Ferranti L. & Burrato P. : Archaeoseismological evidence of earthquakes Atselinunte: a review
39-11 Bruno V., Dardanelli L., Guglielmino F., Mattia M.*, Pipitone C. & Rossi M. : A new dataset of geodetic and InSAR data for the detection of active faulting in southwestern Sicily
39-12 Camarda M., De Gregorio S.*, Di Martino R.M.R., Favara R. & Prano V. : Relationships between soil CO2 flux and tectonics structures in SW Sicily
39-6 Caracausi A.*, Favara R., Italiano F., Nuccio P.M, Paonita A., Rizzo L.A. & Sulli A. : Active Geodynamics of the Central Mediterranean Sea: mantle-derived helium evidences in western Sicily
39-13 De Lucia M.*, Musacchio G. & Pino N.A. : From Belice to nowadays: preliminary comparative analysis of multiple parameters describing seismic disasters
39-7 Favara R.*, Cangemi M., Francofonte S. & Madonia P. : Chemical and isotopic signature of groundwater in the Santa Ninfa karst system: possible relationships with neotectonic activity
39-5 Ferranti L.*, Burrato P., Barreca G., Mattia M., Meccariello M., Monaco C. & Pepe F. : The active thrust front in south-western Sicily: hints on the Belice and Selinunte seismogenic sources
39-14 Grassa F.*, Capasso G. & Favara R. : Thermal springs in Western Sicily as sensitive sites for the 1968 Belice seismic sequence. A review
39-2 Hinzen K.G.*, O’Neill R., Schwellenbach I., Burrato P., Ferranti L., Reamer S.K. & Bottari C. : The 1968 Belice Earthquake Sequence, its virtual impact to the temples at Selinunte, SW Sicily
39-8 Madonia P.* : The gypsum karst system of Santa Ninfa (Belice valley) in the framework of the neotectonic activity of south-western Sicily
39-4 Martinico F., Pappalardo V.* & Di Mauro F. : Gibellina, Montevago, Salaparuta and Poggioreale: about built heritage underutilization and possible urban future

S40. The role of abiotic and biotic soil components, environmental materials and factors, and physical evidence in criminal investigations, environmental crimes, and legal system

40-9 Caruso V., Berna F., Cattaneo C. & Trombino L.* : Characterization of bone taphonomy on archaeological and modern human remains by FT-IR and BSE-SEM
40-8 Fragale F.*, Lupiano V. & Tortorici F. : Unpredictability of the detachment of a clay block from the excavation front of a tunnel
40-10 Fragale F.*, Somma R., Casabona R., Tortorici F., Gurgone S. & Granata T. : Crimes against the environment: how to deal with them
40-6 Laurelli A.* : A case study of environmental disaster
40-11 Laurelli A.*, Gurgone S., Somma R. Silvestro M., Cascio M. & Granata T. : Environmental crimes and advisors: the importance of binding legislation and technical knowledge
40-12 Poppa P., Cattaneo C. & Trombino L.* : The utility of ground-penetrating radar in the discovery of clandestine burials
40-1 Sacchi E.* : An European network for improving Forensic Science
40-3 Sacchi E.* & Somma R. : Forensic geoscience today: which future prospects
40-7 Sansotta C.*, Acri G., Denaro L., Granata T., Ruello E., Somma R. & Testagrossa B. : Relevance of telethermography in waste dumps
40-13 Sansotta C.*, Ruello E., Acri G., Denaro L., Granata T., Somma R. & Testagrossa B. : Exposure to Radon and National Radon Plan in Italy by Directive 2013/59/Euratom
40-2 Somma R.* : The Aldo Moro murder case forty years after: New investigative implication on Moro’s last days
40-4 Somma R.*, Silvestro M. & Cascio M. : A contribution to the search of illegal concealments: A GIS-based quantitative approach to define a prioritization system
40-5 Zangarini S.*, Trombino L. & Cattaneo C. : Time-dependent evidences of decomposition and permanence in soil in experimental burials: a geopedological approach
40-14 Zangarini S.*, Trombino L., Ern S.I.E., Rizzi A., Comolli R. & Cattaneo C. : Phosphatic impregnations on soil particles in experimental burials: ultramicroscopic characterization and environmental control on their persistence

S41. Planetary evolution: insights from geological studies, meteorite analyses and terrestrial analogues

41-6 Barilaro F.*, Di Capua A. & Vasconcelos C. : Biotic to abiotic mineral precipitation in continental hydrothermal settings:  a potential journey from early Earth to extraterrestrial planet
41-17 Carli C.*, Serventi G., Sgavetti M. & Giacomini L. : Proclus Crater: Spectral variability within Lunar Highlands
41-13 Cianfarra P.*, Rossi C. & Salvini F. : Unravelling the tectonic contribution to the internal architecture of the Mars Polar Layered deposit
41-7 De Angelis G.*, Filippone R., Di Iorio A., Ori G.G., Dell’arciprete I. & Pascucci V. : Lumino: a datation instrument for the surfaces of Mars and the Earth
41-18 Ferrari M.*, De Angelis S., De Sanctis M.C., Ammannito E., Stefani S. & Piccioni G. : Reflectance spectroscopy of ammoniated phyllosilicates
41-19 Galluzzi V.*, Giacomini L., Massironi M., Lucchetti A., Pajola M., Carli C., Ferranti L., Palumbo P. & Cremonese G. : Bedrock layering revealed by hollows on Mercury
41-9 Gasperini L.*, Albertazzi S., Bonatti E., Foschini L., Longo G., Polonia A., Serra R., Stanghellini C. & Stanghellini G. : The 1908 Tunguska Event
41-20 Giacomini L.*, Galluzzi V., Carli C., Massironi M., Ferranti L. & Palumbo P. : Geological mapping of the Kuiper (H06) quadrangle of Mercury: Status update
41-16 Guzzetta L.*, Giacomini L., Ferranti L. & Palumbo P. : Structural setting of the north-eastern sector of the Caloris basin, ShakespeareQuadrangle (H03), Mercury
41-21 Guzzetta L.*, Lewang A.M., Mosca A., Ferranti L., Hiesinger H., Palumbo P. : Preliminary geologic map of the Beethoven Quadrangle (H07), Mercury
41-4 Mari N.*, Hallis L.J., Lee M.R. & Riches A.J.V. : Martian meteorites as a probe for the evolution of Mars
41-22 Marinangeli L.*, Pompilio L., Baliva A., Alvaro M., Bonanno G., Domeneghetti M.C., Frau F., La Salvia V., Melis M.T., Menozzi O., Tangari A.C., Rapisarda M., Petrinca P. & Pirrotta S. : An X-Rays tomographer (Tomox ) for in situ planetary exploration
41-11 Mazzarini F.*, Pozzobon R., De Toffoli B., Lucchetti A. & Massironi M. : Vents, faults and fractures spatial distribution: a planetary geology perspective
41-3 Morana M.*, Murri M., Nestola F., Barbaro A., Fioretti A.M.,Alvaro M., Domeneghetti M.C., Goodrich C. & Shaddad M.H. : Diamond formation in ureilites: a shock origin inferred from diamond in Almahata Sitta ureilites
41-2 Nava J.*, Carli C., Palomba E., Maturilli A. & Massironi M. : Fine-grained Antarctic micrometeorites and weathered carbonaceous chondrites as possible analogues of Ceres surface
41-8 Ori G.G.*, Dell&#;Arciprete I., Pascucci V., De Angelis G., Filippone R. & Di Iorio A. : In-situ dating of recent sediments on the surfaces of Mars and the Earth
41-1 Pratesi G.*, Gardiol D., Cellino A., Pace E., Trifoni E., Martucci A., Purpura C., Savino L. & Di Martino M. : PRISMA and GHIBLI: from meteors monitoring to simulation of entering the atmosphere
41-14 Roda M.*, Govers R. & Zegers T.E. : A multidisciplinary approach to the study of the Chaotic Terrains on Mars
41-23 Sabatino G., Italiano F., Barbieri R., Cavalazzi B., Ferretti A., Magazù S., Tripodo A., Leonetti F., Romano D., Messori F. & Di Bella M.* : From Earth to Mars: mineralogical and geochemical perspective from NASA’s rovers and from a recent discovery in the Aeolian Arc, Sicily
41-12 Schmidt G., Pondrelli M.*, Salese F., & Rossi A. : Distribution, stratigraphy, and layer thicknesses of intra-crater deposits in Western Arabia Terra, Mars.
41-24 Serventi G.*, Carli C., Maturilli A., Ferrari S., Sgavetti M., Secchiari A., Montanini A. & Helbert J. : Emissivity and reflectance spectra of sulfide-bearing samples: new constraints for the hermean surface composition
41-5 Stagno V.*, Greaux S., Du W., Kebukawa Y. & Irifune T. : Melting Temperature of Tagish Lake (CI2) meteorite from 5 to 30 GPa: implications for the fate of the Carbonaceous Matter during planetary accretion
41-15 Tangari A.C.*, Marinangeli L., Scarciglia F., Pompilio L. & Piluso E. : Investigation of clay minerals in Margaritifer Region on Mars: Implication for pedogenetic processes and the ages of soils using terrestrial analogues
41-10 Tiepolo M.*, Fiorentini M., Sessa G., Moroni M. & Langone A. : Secular variations in the Nb-Ta signature of the mantle: a window on Earth accretion

S42. Geosciences at school 2018: geoscience and society

42-5 Argentieri A.*, Fabbri M., Guida T., Sirna M. & Zacco F. : “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity”: seminars on natural risks in Rome metropolitan area.
42-9 Belviso C.*, Biancardino F., Carlucci I., Claps T., Cuccarese M., Garaguso F., Natiello G., Sabia C., Sarli R., Spaltro F., Teta L., Fanti L., Lettino A. & Cavalcante F. : “Researchers for 1 week”. a project  of ‘Alternanza scuola lavoro’ as an example of school at Geosciences
42-10 Bollati I.* & Pelfini M. : Dendrogeomorphogical reconstructions on polygenic debris fan as a tool for approaching geo-risks with students of different ages
42-11 Brugnone F.*, Li Vigni L., Milazzo S. & Calabrese S. : Sicily: a geological laboratory
42-12 Caironi V.*, Zucali M., Bollati I., & Fumagalli P., Gomba T. & San Martino A. : Urban Geology: field trips in the city centre to discover lithological geodiversity
42-13 Cifelli F.*, Basile F., Carlucci G., Funiciello F. & Mattei M. : SISMO-LAB: an ASL project for the realization of an educational kit on earthquakes
42-14 Cirrincione R.*, Amore E., Branca F., Costanzo S., Sturiale G., Di Stefano A. & Signorello G. : The Hyblean Karst Museum: a tool for communicating scientific education in the territory
42-6 Di Cencio A.*, Bruno H., Poggi S., Veggetti A., Girelli M.C., & Varchetta D. : A geologist at school: from an alternative mathematics to a geo-touristic travel forward Moon, passing by the synonymous list of Homo sapiens and the poetry of Giacomo Leopardi.
42-15 Distefano S.*, Abramo A., Amore E., Branca F., Catalano D., Costanzo S., Ientile R., Sturiale G., Bordonaro S., Cirrincione R., Di Stefano A. & Signorello G. : Geological features of the Cutgana nature reserves: new educational strategies and implementations in the museum areas
42-1 Fanti R.* : Earth Sciences and STEM initiatives: the Geology Project in the framework of “Piano Lauree Scientifiche”
42-16 Gravina T.*, Iero A., Lopez Giraldo J.D., Sánchez E., Pereira J.A., Cossu C., Maratheftis C., Papanicolaou M. & Almeida M.R. : MALIA: a project to raise awareness on Marine Litter in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Area
42-17 Gravina T.*, Matteo Cattadori M. & Piccolo F. : How introduce cultural heritage in science lessons: the approach of Italian developer teachers in Europeana DSI-3 project
42-18 Lozar F.*, Magagna A., Perotti L., Palomba M., Selvaggio I. & Giardino M. : The virtuous integration of research and educational projects: examples from the Piemonte region
42-3 Lupi C.*, Camerlenghi A. & Cicconi A. : ECORD School of Rock 2018
42-7 Lustrino M.* : Seeing the invisible. The magical world of fluorescent minerals
42-19 Magrì I.M.*, Rapisarda A., Sanfilippo R. & Rosso A. : Progetti ASL come esempio di sinergia tra scuola e università: la proposta del Liceo Boggio Lera di Catania sulle collezioni paleontologiche del Dipartimento BiGeA
42-20 Maraffi S.*, Paris E., Pennesi D., Sacerdoti F.M. & Scamardella A. : Remote Educational Gaming for Geosciences
42-21 Mobilia C.*, Longo C. & Foti F. : Esecuzione di una traversa sismica nei locali della scuola ed elaborazione dei dati ottenuti
42-22 Musacchio G.* & Piangiamore G.L. : Risk Detective: serious games for risk education
42-4 Musacchio G.*, Biondi R. & Nogherotto R. : Challenging young scientists with Science Communication
42-23 Musacchio G.*, Solarino S. & Eva E. : Earthquakes, Non-Structural Elements and games- Practical solutions to reduce risk
42-24 Pelfini M.* & Parravicini P. : New methodologies and technologies in Earth Sciences education: opportunities and criticisms for future teachers
42-26 Piangiamore G.L.* & Musacchio G. : Piovono idee! diventa progetto continuità
42-25 Pieraccioni F.*, Gioncada A., Bonaccorsi E. & Bastiani L. : Geoscience knowledge at the end of high school: the tool IMES
42-28 Porta M.*,Colli A., Grieco G., Paris E. & Pelfini M. : Periodic Smartphone
42-27 Porta M., Codetta A., Cambini R. & Grieco G.* : The convergence of the disciplines for stage in high schools
42-29 Realdon G.*, Candussio G., Fabris S., Invernizzi M.C. & Paris E. : Indagine sull'Ocean Literacy in un campione di studenti della scuola secondaria di I grado
42-30 Realdon G.*, Candussio G., Fabris S., Manià M., Invernizzi M.C. & Paris E. : Alla scoperta dell'Ocean Literacy con un percorso laboratoriale per la scuola primaria e secondaria di I grado
42-8 Rosati F.*, Bogliolo E., Hysenaj A., Ridolfi N., Seraghiti G. & Moretti B. : “Micro-zoniamoci” student project at Science High School “Laurana-Baldi” in Urbino (PU) - Italy
42-31 Sanfilippo R.* & Rosso A. : Le Geoscienze nella scuola: esperienze di didattica paleontologica
42-32 Scacchetti M.* & Chicchi S. : Dinamiche della crosta terrestre e rischio sismico
42-33 Stacchiotti L.*, Acqua A., Pennesi D., Paris E. & Beccaceci A. : WASTEBERG: un'attività didattica sul consumo consapevole delle Georisorse in prospettiva dell'Agenda EU 2030
42-34 Stroppa P.*, Pierantoni P.P. & Strappa M. : Il terremoto peer to peer
42-2 Venturini C.*, Pantaloni M., Persico A., Pederneschi M. & Polverari S. : Italy – Geology in 3D


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